Vance Global Natural Blend CBD Smokes
Vance Global Natural Blend CBD Smokes

Vance Global Natural Blend CBD Smokes

Vance Global's Natural Blend hemp cigarettes delightfully mix CBD with lavender for a smooth, relaxing smoke that tastes and feels great.

Each Vance offers 100mg of CBD (1000mg in the whole pack) and they use organic hemp and lavender in the rolles. Vance Global products are shaped just like cigarettes and a big focus of their product is to help smokers quit.

The lavender mixed with the CBD assists in quelling those anxious cravings as they pop up. The product itself helps to ease the physical addiction of holding and smoking a cigarette.

There is one big difference though, Vance Global's filters are all biodegradable and disappear in about 17 days!

Not a cigarette smoker? These are still delightful for anyone who enjoys hemp and the other plants that compliment it.


Free Shipping

Don't worry about it. We pay for shipping so you don't have to.

100% Lab Tested

All our products are lab tested to verify accuracy and safety.

Hemp-derived THC

We source only the best possible hemp-derived extracts are used.

5 Stars

I regularly shop here and the staff is always so kind, knowledgeable, and happy to help.

Sara Catherine Holder - Google

5 Stars
One of the best Hemp companies out there. Great product, even better customer service. Highly recommend.

Ryan Nash - Google

5 Stars

Order arrived in a timely manner! Great product too!

Brian Story - Google

5 Stars

This company is doing everything the right way! Quality products, fair prices, extremely fast turnaround.

Emily Cummins - Google

5 Stars

Pretty great experience all around. Very knowledgeable and friendly!

Jared Seaton - Google



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