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THCa Flower FAQ
Is THCa Flower legal?

THCa flower is not considered marijuana on the federal level, since it contains less than .03% (by weight) of delta-9. This means that THCa does not fall under the scope of existing legislation which makes marijuana illegal. However, many states are yet to consider this distinction between THCA and delta-9 in their laws and measurements.

IS THCa Flower Sprayed?

No, THCA flower is not sprayed. THCA is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis plants. It is present in the trichomes, which are the resinous glands on the surface of the plant. The concentration of THCA in the flower can vary depending on the strain and growing conditions.

How is THCa Flower Made?

Overall, THCA flower is the result of careful cultivation, harvesting, and processing of cannabis plants to produce buds with naturally occurring THCA.

Can We Legally Ship THCa Flower?

In accordance with federal law, THCa products – derived from the hemp plant – can be legally shipped throughout the United States using the US Postal Service, UPS, and Fedex. We ship via USPS to most US States.

Can I purchase THCa Flower by The ounce?

Yes, we do sell THCa Flower ounces online. Simply add an ounce of THCa flower to your cart and checkout. Its that easy.

Is your THCa Flower Tested?

Yes, all of our THCa Hemp Flower is tested to ensure quality and purity.

Will THCa Flower Get Me High?

Yes, these items all contain intoxicating ingredients. When heated, THCa converts to regular THC; thus the flower you can buy from our website is much like dispensary flower as it based in THCa and has a medium to high potency ranging between 15-30%. To guarantee effect, approach this flower with the same respect as any other you would find at a dispensary.

Will Thca Flower make me fail a drug test?

Yes. Since THCa, which is derived from hemp and viewed as a legal hemp product, becomes delta 9 THC when combusted or heated, it will result in a positive drug test. So if you are anticipating taking any sort of marijuana drug test, it is suggested to stay away from hemp-based products.

How much THca Flower Can I order?

You can order as much THCa Flower as you desire.