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Due to warm weather & shipping, THCa concentrates may appear different than in photos. Quality and potency are not affected.

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Picture this: You, cozy in your pajamas, scrolling through our selection of fire buds & tasty edibles that'll make Cheech and Chong jealous.

From premium THCa flower to fruity delta 9 gummies we've got the goods that'll transport you to higher dimensions (figuratively speaking, of course).

So kick back, relax, and let Perfect Plant be your one-stop-shop for all things green and groovy. Just remember, the only thing higher than our quality is your next level of chill. Happy toking!

Largest Selection of THCa flower
THCa Flower32
Momochi - THCa Live Rosin

New Live Rosin Drop

We just dropped some new THCa live rosins!

Strains include:

  • Momochi
  • Blu Zkittles
  • Studio 54
  • Woody Haze
  • Purple Haze

Pick yours up while we still have them!

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An Industry Update

An Industry Update

With the election cycle ramping up, the looming threat of WW3, and the brood of cicadas set to unleash on middle TN, we feel it's a great time for a positive update from the Perfect Plant team! Where to start?

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We can win this battle. It’ll only take 5-10 min. of your time. Cannabis is under attack in Tennessee. Our state is one of the industry leaders and pioneers in hemp so if this happens to our state it can certainly happen in others. We must set a precedent. Even if you don’t live in TN this still affects you and you can also take action!

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edibles vs. smoking - which is better?

Smoking vs Edibles: Which Is Better?

Let’s settle this debate - or at least discuss the pros and cons. Which is better - smoking or edibles? It kind of depends on what you’re looking for in your cannabis experience. 

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