Rose Apple - THCa Rosin
Rose Apple - THCa Rosin
Rose Apple - THCa Rosin
Rose Apple - THCa Rosin

Rose Apple - THCa Rosin

Rose Apple - THCa Rosin by Perfect Plant Market

Concentrate Type: THCa Rosin
Weight: 1 Gram
THCA: 76.2%
CBGA: 2.4%
THCVA: 1.4%
Total Cannabinoids: 80.0%

Rose Apple rosin stands out from similar products because of its unique solventless extraction process. It begins with selecting high-quality hemp flowers that are abundant in trichomes. These flowers are then ground and placed between parchment paper. Using a specialized rosin press, the trichomes are carefully burst and their contents are released without the use of chemicals or solvents.

The resulting resin is shaped into a puck or ball and placed in a freeze dryer to remove excess moisture. The end product is a sticky and translucent rosin concentrate with high levels of THCA, cannabinoids, and terpenes.


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