Lychee - THCa Rosin
Lychee - THCa Rosin
Lychee - THCa Rosin
Lychee - THCa Rosin

Lychee - THCa Rosin

Lychee - THCa Rosin by Perfect Plant Market

Concentrate Type: THCa Rosin
Weight: 1 Gram
THCA: 75.4%
CBGA: 5.5%
Total Cannabinoids: 80.9%

Lychee THCA rosin sets itself apart from other similar products due to its unique solventless extraction method. This process begins with carefully selecting a high-quality hemp flower that is rich in trichomes. The flower is then ground and placed between parchment paper, where it undergoes a specialized rosin press.

The press applies regulated heat and pressure to burst the trichomes and release their contents, all without the use of chemicals or solvents. The resulting resin is shaped into a puck or ball and placed in a freeze dryer to eliminate any excess moisture. The end product is a sticky, translucent rosin concentrate that boasts high levels of THCA, cannabinoids, and terpenes.


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