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By J Gordon Curtis

How to find the best CBD for me


With so many options on the market, many have been stuck asking “Which CBD is best for me?” Studies have shown that daily use is more effective than occasional use. Chances are, you already have a daily routine that you could add CBD to naturally. 

A daily coffee drinker, for example, might try our CBD coffees or our water-soluble drops. Someone who enjoys smoking might rather go with our smokeable flower. If you don’t have a daily routine that CBD can fit in, that’s okay too! Our tincture is incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily life.

Still, choosing the right course can be difficult so we wanted to go over some of the ways people typically use CBD products. All of these will include suggested items from our marketplace to get your natural health routine started once we answer the question of “which CBD is best for me?”!

Is Full Spectrum CBD Right for Me?

Baseline Dosage for a typical adult: 25mgs

Full Spectrum refers to CBD extract that contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids present in the plant. These are the products that will have undergone the least amount of processing and will include small amounts of other cannabinoids (including THC) along with other terpenes, terpenoids, and cannabinoids typically in the plant.

THC, it should be noted, is a lot more than just the intoxicating part of Cannabis. It has been proven to be helpful for inflammationinsomnianausea, and appetite stimulation. Additionally, THC is what is known as a “bi-phasic” compound (meaning it has two phases.) In large doses, THC can trigger paranoia and anxiety.  However, research is showing that in small doses, THC has a much different effect. It can calm and relax. Making it a powerful ally of CBD which has already always had great relaxation capabilities.

This is due to the entourage effect. For those who haven’t heard of this before, the basic idea is that the drastically different perceived benefits of different strains is due to the mysterious combination found when all the 200+ compounds in the plant come together. In other words, much of cannabis can’t be pinned down and a lot is lost when it’s stripped down.

For our full-spectrum products, look no further than our flowertincturesedibles, and our new line of bath and body products

Is Broad Spectrum CBD Right for Me?

Baseline dosage for a typical adult: 30 mgs

The difference between a full and broad spectrum solution is that a broad spectrum is still able to be THC free while retaining the other components of the product. Broad Spectrum  attempts to keep as much as possible while still getting rid of the psychotropic THC compound.

Broad spectrum solutions are fantastic for those who are sensitive to THC but it’s still not going to be as effective as a full spectrum option. For this reason, we would still encourage a user of broad spectrum products to start off at a slightly higher dosage. The more that gets pulled away, the less effective the final outcome will be.

Though THC is only present in trace amounts at .3%, it can stack up in your system and trigger a positive drug test on occasion. Due to this fear, some think it’s better to not have to worry about it at all. 

Broad Spectrum allows users to alleviate that fear but still get a large portion of the benefits offered by the plant as a whole. 

Is CBD Isolate Right for Me?

Baseline dosage for a typical adult 40-50mgs

CBD Isolate is exactly that – CBD isolated and nothing else.Isolated products are ones that have singled out the CBD cannabinoid and removed the rest of the plant. Typically, this method of ingestion is not recommended outside of an extremely entry level solution. Though CBD is the most powerful part of the plant, it is not nearly as powerful when it is alone.

Isolate, as the most processed and therefore least bioavailable solution, is great for peace of mind not as great when it comes to efficacy. Additionally, it misses out on the boost typically enjoyed from the entourage effect. For this reason, we typically recommend that, if you are going with an isolated product, it can be smart to start off with a higher dosage. Removing the rest of the compounds in the plant leaves you with the most powerful one but not with the most power. 

The main advantage to CBD isolate is its ability to blend into certain formulations as a pure powder. This allows it to be more suitable on occasion for products like topicals and bath bombs. 

Looking for isolated products? Look no further than our tinctures or our Grapefruit CBG Flower if you’re looking for a THC-Free solution!


Is Defined-Spectrum CBD Right for Me?

There is a growing, new class of CBD products going by the classification of “Defined-Spectrum.” This refers, as the name implies, to extracts where the components have been strictly set or “defined.” Oftentimes, this will be a full or broad spectrum CBD that is mixed with other cannabinoids like CBG and CBN or specific terpenes or adaptogens.

Defined-Spectrum formulations usually have targeted ratios like our new 10:1 CBD:THC gummies or our 2:1 Yin & Yang tinctures.  

Our “Yin” Formula is a 2:1 CBD to CBN tincture with an entourage of minor cannabinoids including CBG, CBC, & THC. This reverse engineered combination of cannabinoids and terpenes is perfect for rest & recovery. 

To complement this, our “Yang” Formula is a 2:1 CBD to CBG tincture with an entourage of minor cannabinoids including CBN, CBC, & THC. This reverse engineered combination of cannabinoids and terpenes is perfect for high performance.


So Which CBD is right for me?

Though there are many ways to partake in CBD, they are able to be broken down quite easily into these three categories. As mentioned, our personal recommendation is full spectrum. That said, this is a personal choice and it really comes down to your personal preference and what you are looking to get from the plant. 

One thing that is certain, there’s something for everyone. This isn’t “ye olde hemp” anymore and there’s a benefit for anyone who is looking for one. Over the years since it has been decriminalized, there has been a steady increase in products and product types for anyone that might be looking. 

Whatever your answer to the question of “which CBD is best for me,” we’ve got you! Head on over to our online shop today or come into one of our physical locations and talk to us about what hemp product is best for you!