Perfect Plant Full Spectrum Tinctures

The Swiss Army Knife of CBD

Our Full Spectrum CBD Tincture is a sublingual oil.  A 1ml dose is to be held under-neath the tongue for at least a minute before swallowing.  This way it is absorbed through the capillaries and will enter the bloodstream in about 10-15 minutes.

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Our phytocannabinoid rich full spectrum tincture line consists of the full cannabinoid profile from the hemp plant causing whats known as the “entourage effect” in the body.  The entourage effect occurs when CBD and the other trace cannabinoids (such as CBG, CBN, and THC) work together synergistically to increase the benefits one receives. CBD may reduce symptoms of seizures, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, and inflammation in the body + more.

Organically grown & processed in Tennessee.

Single Sourced, Small Batch Quality

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture Bottle
Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

9 reviews for Perfect Plant Full Spectrum Tinctures

  1. Francisco

    Relaxes my body and mind without making it too heavy. The 500mg is just what I needed. thanks.

  2. Elizabeth Moore

    I cannot say enough about this brand. I heard them speak last year (in a pre-covid world) and really fell in love. The leadership is generous and genuine and this product is incredible. I use it for the crushing anxiety that is often brought on by owning your own small business and it works. I am so grateful for this company and product.

  3. Lauren Jordan

    I started using the perfect plant full spectrum tinctures back around January/Feb. I started with the 500mg and now I’m using the 750mg. My husband found these tinctures for me as I needed help sleeping at night. I love these tinctures. I sleep well at night now.

  4. Lei

    I needed help reducing my anxiety so I could remain calm during these unprecedented times (mainly so I wouldn’t be so stressed with my children) and to help my mind shut off when I tried to sleep. I have never fallen asleep so easily in my life! Thank you! Also, the customer service is amazing.

  5. Terry

    I have used other tincture brands before and I can tell that the other brandss had random stuff in it. This is the only tincture that not only works but works WELL!

  6. Christine M Irwin

    I am new to the world of THC so I’m experimenting now with the strength. I have yet to have reached the right strength but I will keep trying.
    So I’m not really rating this for the product … although, I will rate when I find that right one!
    I’m going to tell you that their customer service is exceptional. The communication is fantastic. Don’t hesitate to chat with them. If they don’t answer right away – have patience – they could be helping someone else with the same needs you have.

  7. Jon Grooms

    Wish it tasted better and some kind of flavor….but it’s worth it to get the inflammation in my hands to go down. so glad it’s legal!! better than pills

  8. David Atchuiso

    I been a using the full spectrum tincture (1500 mg) for over six months and have had tremendous results. At the time I began taking it I had been in a slow recovery process from a bulging disk. Within a few weeks virtually all of my back pain was gone and I’ve never needed muscle relaxers again. It’s been very helpful. I am now an official Perfect Plant fan!

  9. Dannie Petty

    been taking their full spectrum tincture every morning for the past few months….it for has made a difference in my anxiety. btw…i take about a half dropper of the 1500mg with my morning coffee.

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