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By J Gordon Curtis

Perfect Plant is proud to offer several options for THCa concentrates from our friends at Akira Botanicals. In addition to their concentrate options, we also carry two of their THCa live resin vape cartridges. 

Akira’s commitment to quality cannabis, clean extraction, and detailed lab reporting on their products puts them in a league of their own. They seek out unique, high-terpene strains and live resin extracts for all of their products to create a flavorful, potent, and delightful concentrate.

Here are the options we have available and some details to help you make the right decision for your needs:

A Quick Recap of Our Top 5 THCa Concentrates

If you’re not interested in reading through the whole list, here’s a quick recap of the top 5 concentrates and where to find them on our webstore:

    1. Cashmere Kitty 1:1 THCa:CBDa
    2. Blue Meringue 1:2 THCa:CBDa
    3. Sour Lifter 1:1 THCa:CBDa
    4. Sapphire Kush 1:2 THCa:CBDa
  • Live Resin THCa Carts
      1. Banana Cream Pie 1:2 THCa:CBDa
      2. Pink Pineapple 1:3 THCa:CBDa

    Let’s dive deeper into each of these options and talk about what makes them so great.

    A Breakdown of Our Top 5 THCa Concentrates:

    Cashmere Kitty - THCa Diamonds & Sauce

    #1. Cashmere Kitty 1:1 THCa:CBDa

    This concentrate features THCa diamonds in a CBDa live-resin sauce with delightfully floral and fruity terpenes. As a hybrid blend, you’ll feel comfortable reaching for this concentrate whenever you’re wanting to smoke.

    Whether you turn to concentrates regularly or only on special occasions, this is the perfect option for you. Just remember the 1:1 ratio of THCa and CBDa gives this a strong effect so make sure you’ve got a good chunk of time cleared off in your schedule before taking a hit.

    Blue Meringue - THCa Live Resin

    #2. Blue Meringue 1:2 THCa:CBDa

    Looking for a concentrate with a heavier body effect? The 1:2 live resin extract contains twice as much CBDa as THCa which gives it a more even-keeled effect.

    I like this hybrid for afternoons when I want to take the edge off but still have a lot of work to accomplish or when I need extra help unwinding after a long day. This extract pairs the floral terpenes from Akira’s Cannabis Cup-winning Alpen Gleux along with berries and stone fruit to create a tasty flavor sure to make your mouth water.

    I especially enjoy higher levels of CBD after long workdays to help with any lingering muscle or back pain. THC helps with pain in its own way but CBD is a better anti-inflammatory and the synergy between the two is phenomenal.

    Sour Lifter - THCa Diamonds & Sauce

    #3. Sour Lifter 1:1 THCa:CBDa

    Sour Lifter is perfect for a wake-and-bake sesh or before a long night out. A perfect mix of terpenes and 39% THCa diamonds swimming in 26% CBDa live-resin sauce provides an energizing, cerebral, and elevatory effect.

    I hold on to energizing cannabis options like this for times when I’m looking to energize my day without having a lot left on my to-do list. While this is a sativa, only seasoned smokers should approach this concentrate when they have work left. 

    The 1:1 mixture makes this a heavy-hitting extract sure to lift consumers to heights where work is not feasible.

    Sapphire Kush - THCa Live Resin - Akira Botanicals

    #4. Sapphire Kush 1:2 THCa:CBDa

    I love the earthy flavor of lemon and holy basil in this 1:2 hybrid extract. It is exceptionally floral with a pleasant effect I find myself reaching for at all times of the day.

    While CBD isn’t intoxicating like THC is, it offers a host of other benefits THC doesn’t provide. I love including CBD with my THC and larger quantities of CBD with THC make it more effective for certain needs than THC is on its own.

    Pink Pineapple - THCa Live Resin Cartridge - Akira Botanicals

    #5. Live Resin THCa Carts

    You don’t need to invest in a dab rig or expensive vaporizer to enjoy THCa extracts  —  the team at Akira has developed live-resin THCa cartridges you can pair with any battery.

    We carry two options:

  • Banana Cream Pie  —  Offering a roughly 1:2 THCa to CBDa with a delicious flavor containing notes of banana, pineapple, and mango. This cart can be a daily go-to for consumers who like a little elevation in their day but don’t want to get locked into the couch.
  • Pink Pineapple  —  Tropical terpenes contribute to a delightfully uplifting effect with this 1:3 THCa to CBDa cartridge. Reach for Pink Pineapple whenever you want to take the edge off or you’re hanging out with friends and want to avoid the paranoia of high doses of THC.

  • Why Did Perfect Plant Partner with Akira Botanicals?

    We chose Akira because of its commitment to clean, potent products and its transparency with lab reporting. In the world of hemp, there are no guarantees the label will match the contents of the package.

    Akira pairs terpene-heavy cannabis with clean extraction methods to create THCa concentrates unlike any other on the market  —   and, trust us, we’ve been looking. We’re extra selective when it comes to brands we’re willing to carry and Akira far surpasses the high bar we place.

    If you want to learn more about what sets Akira apart, listen to their founder, Rand Gifford, discuss the state of cannabis on The Survival Podcast. We’re confident you’ll fall in love with them just like we did.

    Where To Find THCa Concentrates Online

    We’re proud to carry all the above Akira products in both our physical shops and on our webstore. If you order online, we offer free shipping and discreet packaging and can ship products directly to your door.

    Still have questions about THCa, live-resin extracts, or the options we have available? Reach out and a cannabis expert from our team will be glad to help!