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Whether it’s “dry January,” periodic breaks, or abstinence altogether, laying off the sauce is in fashion. Though many do it as a challenge to themselves for certain periods, there isn’t really a healthy amount of alcohol so staying away whenever possible is usually a good idea.

Due to the intoxicating nature of THC, people often decide to stay away from this as well, but not everyone does. A growing population is starting to differentiate the two, referring to abstaining from alcohol but not weed as being “California sober.”

Let’s dive into this topic, discuss whether it is a good idea, and go over some of the reasons people have for participating.

What are The Benefits of Going “California Sober?”

A recent study found participants who avoided alcohol for five weeks experienced several effects over those who didn’t. Cutting booze from their life led to:

  • A 2% decrease in weight and a 15% reduction in liver fat
  • A 5% drop in cholesterol
  • 10% improvements in sleep and 9.5% increases in wakefulness
  • Concentration and work performance also rose 17–18%

Giving up alcohol doesn’t necessarily have to include stopping your relationship with cannabis. These benefits continue to exist whether you occasionally smoke cannabis or not. 

Most sobriety programs paint an all-or-nothing picture around the topic, claiming participants have to give up anything intoxicating. While this may be necessary for some, each person is different and so are their struggles and goals with sobriety.

Is Alcohol Worse than Weed?

Comparing two substances with varying effects can be difficult but, generally speaking, it’s hard to make a case for alcohol. When comparing them in terms of problematic use, overdose, health problems, injuries, or violent crime, alcohol is worse hands-down.

One other place alcohol wreaks havoc is on the road. Alcohol is present in 25% or more of motor vehicle fatalities. Research has shown marijuana smokers with experience show nearly no impairment of function while driving high.

Important reasons for this are tolerance  —  inexperienced consumers would likely be more impaired  —  and overestimation of impairment. When drunk, consumers of alcohol often downplay their drunkenness both internally and externally. 

The same doesn’t happen when you’re stoned and the increased sensitivity to the condition often makes drivers more cautious.

To be clear, driving while high is still dangerous, especially when mixing weed with alcohol. If we’re asking which is more dangerous, however, the answer has to be alcohol. 

Can You Be Sober While Still Smoking Weed?

Every person’s relationship with drugs is different and some need to cut all intoxicating substances out. This shouldn’t mean everyone has to follow suit just because it works for some, however. 

Plenty of people can abstain from substances they use problematically while enjoying the occasional joint. In many cases, substance use disorder (SUD) has very little to do with the substance and more to do with the mental health of the person using it.

One study found nearly 60% of participants abusing opioids also screened positive for depression. Results like this point toward the need for an overhaul and re-imagining of sobriety and how we treat SUD. When you’re living a chronically depressed or anxious life and you find a substance that alleviates a part of this feeling  —  even momentarily  —  it can be hard to not hold on.

Alcohol and weed can have some depressant effects but alcohol acts more as a numbing agent than THC does. Some find the desire to dull their life was the driving force behind alcohol use and don’t have the same issue with weed.

For others, it’s worth it to give up the more toxic substance and switch over to cannabis for their recreational drug use. It’s certainly better than recreationally drinking alcohol.

Where to Find Cannabis Alternatives to Alcohol

Finding a hemp producer and supplier you can trust isn’t something you should take lightly. With a tragically low bar to adhere to government regulations, many cannabis companies cut corners and create inferior (sometimes even dangerous) products.

Luckily, you don’t have to look far for a potent cannabis replacement for alcohol thanks to our line of High Spirits THC Shots. We even have information on how you can make your own delicious cannabis mocktails at home using them.

Most importantly, we have extensive reporting on each of these products. We’re proud of what we put together and we want to make sure you can be confident in it.

If you’re still on the fence about THC, reach out and let us answer any questions you may have. We have two physical stores in Nashville  —  one in Germantown and another off White Bridge Pike  —  staffed with cannabis experts and connoisseurs there to help you get through the decision.

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