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As cannabis continues to grow in popularity for humans, more are also finding it to help their furry companions. CBD treats for dogs are fast becoming a standard item in the cupboards of dog owners and have opened the minds of many of their owners to the possibilities of CBD.

But how do these treats work, what amount should you give to your dog, and where can you find a product you can trust? In this article, we’ll cover these topics and more to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about your best friend.

How Do CBD Dog Treats Work?

CBD treats for dogs seem to have similar benefits as they have with humans. While we have no way of conversing with the animals to confirm this, preliminary research is starting to show the potential anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD for dogs.

This is thanks to the shared commonality of the endocannabinoid system.

Does Cannabis Affect Dogs the Same Way as Humans?

Virtually every animal on earth has an endocannabinoid system. This is a cellular structure  —  meaning it exists virtually everywhere in the body  —  responsible for maintaining balance or “homeostasis.”

Endogenous cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) created by our own body communicate with the receptors in this system to alter the flow of chemicals. Through these adjustments, the system can change various elements of our being  —  kind of like holding your hands to the side and slowly moving them up and down to counteract shifts and maintain balance. 

Cannabis contains phytocannabinoids (“phyto” denoting “plant”) which also communicate with the endocannabinoid system in various ways. Since dogs have the same system as we do, in theory, they should respond similarly to cannabis products as well. 

This shouldn’t be a license to take a bong rip and blow it in your dog's face, however. Like most animals, they still don’t usually enjoy having their perceptions altered or feeling intoxicated.

CBD products, however, can help treat the conditions of old age, anxiety, and pain that can crop up in dogs without the risk of getting them high.

What Kinds of CBD Can I Give to Dogs?

Most pet products limit themselves to two modes of delivery  —  tinctures, and treats. Let’s cover the advantages and disadvantages of these two different options:

CBD Tincture for Dogs

Tinctures contain cannabinoids suspended within an oil  —  typically coconut or MCT oil. Droppers help to measure the dosage out to offer precision amounts.

Control of dosing and the versatility of tinctures are the main benefits of this option. For larger dogs, it may be easier to give higher amounts of CBD from a tincture than it is to give several dog treats.

Taste is typically a downside, however, as tinctures often have distinctly botanical flavors dogs dislike. At Perfect Plant, we combat this with natural salmon oil to create an enjoyable flavor for our four-legged friend.

CBD Treats for Dogs

Dog treats are a great way to reward your pups but they can also provide a great delivery system for their medication. This is no secret  —  we’ve been putting heartworm pills in cheese for about as long as there’s been cheese and heartworm pills  —  but it’s hard to find quality dog food and treats.

With or without CBD, the world of dog food runs rampant with fillers and unhealthy ingredients. Adding in the loose regulations of CBD results in a market with even less stability for quality.

Quality treats can be a blessing though. 

Though not as easy to dose with precision as a tincture, there’s usually a much better chance your dog will enjoy the flavor. Especially if they’re the CBD Zen Biscuits from Perfect Plant which uses organic pumpkin, glucosamine, and salmon oil for flavor and joint health.

How Much CBD To Give Dogs

Similar to humans, the dosage of CBD a dog needs depends on its weight and physiological makeup. Every dog is different and you may find your dog needs more than average if you aren’t seeing effects based on what you think they need.

As a general rule, 5mg of CBD per 20–25 lbs of body weight is the starting point we recommend for pets. While they can’t overdose on CBD, giving your furry friend too much for the first time can make them lethargic or even feel unsettled about the new feeling.

To figure out the right amount for your pup, start with a lower amount and slowly work your way up over time. When you notice an effect, mark the amount and keep it there unless you start to see symptoms returning in the future.

Where to Find CBD Dog Treats

Dog food and CBD are both industries where poor-quality products are rampant so it’s important to remain especially vigilant about CBD dog treats. Reporting standards for hemp products are abysmally low and, while it’s unlikely they would be dangerous, they’re often ineffective.

It’s important to choose a supplier like Perfect Plant who is willing to go above and beyond the level of reporting we’re required to live up to. We are confident in our product and willing to put the numbers front and center to prove how great it is.

Still have questions? Stop by one of our locations in Germantown or off White Bridge Pike and speak with one of our cannabis experts today.

Or, if you can’t make it in, contact us online and we’ll be happy to guide you to the right decision for you and your animals.