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One of the byproducts of the criminalization and prohibition of marijuana has been a lack of readily available knowledge. As a result, many go into the experience of smoking marijuana without knowing what they’re getting into.

It’s important to make sure you understand the basics of anything you ingest but this goes double when it’s a substance that’s intoxicating. Lack of education about the safe usage of marijuana leads many to have a bad experience and swear off the plant altogether.

An overdose of marijuana may not be deadly, but it's far from fun. The number one way to avoid experiencing this is through education.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 weed questions in one place. We hope you will go into any experience you should so choose armed with the knowledge necessary to navigate it safely.

While weed is not legal in Tennessee, much of the below also applies to the federally legal THCa when users are smoking it. Though THCa is non-intoxicating on its own, the introduction of heat — from, say, a lighter — converts this into Delta-9 THC, the cannabinoid responsible for the “high” in marijuana.

Top 10 Weed Questions Answered


#1 — Does Weed Expire?

Yes. Weed can stay good for anywhere between 6–18 months. Proper storage techniques can help protect weed for longer periods, as humidity, oxygen, light, and temperature can all work toward its deterioration.

The main reason weed degenerates over time is from the evaporation of terpenes and cannabinoids through the above elements. With that in mind,  keeping your weed in an airtight container — preferably made of opaque glass — and in a dry, dark place will help keep it longer. 

If your weed “goes bad,” it doesn’t mean it’s dangerous to smoke — unless it’s formed mold or mildew. Rather, it typically means it will be harsh, ineffective, and likely unenjoyable.

Weed can lose as much as 16% of its THC content within just one year. By year two, this jumps to 26%, then 34% after 3, and 41% after 4 years.

#2 — How to Inhale Weed?

The main way your body absorbs THC when you smoke is through the blood vessels in the lungs. With this in mind, simply breathing smoke into your mouth is not enough to experience the effects of THC.

We all know the famous line by Bill Clinton that he “did not inhale” when smoking weed. That was his way of saying he didn’t actually smoke weed since not inhaling it doesn’t allow the THC to take effect.

To inhale weed, you should first take a drag to your mouth, pull the joint, bowl, or pipe away from your mouth, and then breathe in again. This second breath enables the smoke to enter your lungs where it can then cross the thin membrane into your bloodstream.

This means it’s important to cut off your drag to ensure you still can breathe in a little more. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t make much of a difference keeping the smoke in your lungs longer so you don’t have to hold your breath an abnormal amount of time.

#3 — What is Shatter Weed?

There are a wide variety of cannabis extract types but shatter is one of the most interesting. Unlike dabs and other concentrates, shatter is solid and easy to break (or, shatter.)

One reason people enjoy shatter is that it’s typically solid at room temperature, making it easier to work with. With shatter, you can put a piece in your grinder along with some flower, grind it all together, and pour it out. 

Try doing that with wax and you’ll quickly find yourself meticulously trying to scrape your grinder clean.

The process for creating shatter is very similar to that of other forms of wax with minor differences, resulting in a change in consistency. As such, it offers a very similar potency to the other options with the only real difference being this minor change.

#4 — Can You Smoke Weed Stems?

You can but you probably don’t want to. Weed stems and seeds don’t have any THC of their own and the only potential to get high on them comes from the light coating of trichomes that may happen to fall onto them.

Instead of getting high, smokers of stems will find themselves experiencing a harsh smoke that will likely result in coughing and sore throat. Without a high accompanying it, it’s hard to imagine it being enjoyable for anyone.

While they aren’t smokable, some still hold on to the stems and seeds to add them in when making tinctures and extracts. While the THC content on them may be minimal, you still may be able to get a small amount of cannabinoids out of them.

Other than that, stems can go in the ashtray or trash can and seeds should go into the dirt.

#5 — Does Weed Have Calories?

If you’re smoking weed, you don’t have to worry about ingesting any calories along with it. This is true for vaping as well, but it doesn’t mean weed is without calories.

As an edible plant, there is a growing trend of consuming the leaves and flowers raw. While this doesn’t have an intoxicating effect, there is some research on the additional benefits of doing this.

If you’re consuming cannabis raw, you can take comfort in knowing it is relatively low in calories. One study estimates the caloric content of cannabis to be around 200 calories per 100g.

#6 — Does Weed Help With Hangovers?

To answer this question, it’s first wise to question the main symptoms of a hangover and how weed might help with them. Since weed has a record of helping with nausea and pain while providing a euphoric effect, it only makes sense that weed would help with recovering from a hangover.

The best cure for a hangover will always be water — the reason for a hangover is dehydration and the only answer is hydration. That doesn’t mean weed can’t aid in the process, however.

Many find the effects of weed make the symptoms of the hangover much easier to handle. While this is more about blunting the symptoms than it is about treating the problem, it’s helpful nonetheless.

The feelings of thirst associated with marijuana overdose are temporary but it’s still not enjoyable if you’re also hungover. After a night of drinking, try having a small amount of weed along with two big glasses of water and see for yourself if this classic cure works for you!

#7 — Does Weed Dehydrate You?

Many assume from the “cottonmouth” sensation of weed that it’s dehydrating but there is no evidence for this. While it’s probably a good idea to have a cup of water with you anyways, you don’t have to worry about weed dehydrating you beyond the dry mouth sensation.

This is also important for the above question since the biggest element of having a hangover from alcohol is dehydration. If weed dehydrated users, it would be a terrible way to try and treat the symptoms of a hangover.

#8 — How to Not Smell Like Weed

The best way to avoid smelling like weed is by consuming cannabis in different ways from smoking. Edibles, tinctures, and vapes are all more discreet but some still prefer smoking so here are a few tips for avoiding smelling like weed when you’re smoking:

  • Cover the Smell — Products like the Smokebuddy give you a filter to blow the smoke through to cover the smell. Some opt to make their versions of this at home by filling a toilet paper tube with dryer sheets and blowing the smoke through there.
  • Switch to Glass — Joints are always going to be smellier than bowls and pipes. The burning of the paper along with the weed creates a stronger smoke that’s bound to stick around longer.
  • Blow it out the Window — This method is as old as time. Open the window and blow your smoke outside but beware: if you catch it wrong, the smoke may blow back in on you.
  • Odor Eliminators — Products like this one help to break down the smoke particles and get rid of the smell. These are better than others that just cover the smell up as they work to actively eliminate the odor altogether.
  • #9 — How to Rehydrate Weed 

    The ideal level of moisture for cannabis is between 6–9% but don’t lose hope if your bud has fallen below this. There are several ways you can rehydrate your weed to give it a bit more life.

    If you find yourself with dehydrated weed, here are a few ways to rehydrate it:

    Mix ‘n’ Match

    A simple way to rehydrate your weed is to place your older bud in with a fresher batch. After a few days, the dehydrated weed will pull some of the hydration from the fresher bud.

    Keep in mind doing this also works by dehydrating your newer bud so make sure to consider that before proceeding.

    Citrus Rinds

    One simple method for hydrating weed is to take a peel from a lemon or orange rind and put it in the jar along with your weed. The rinds of citric fruits contain a lot of moisture so it gives something for your dehydrated flower to pull from.

    The added bonus is the additional flavor and terpenes your bud can pull from the citrus. 


    The majority of the composition of lettuce is water which makes it exceptional for rehydrating weed. Unlike citrus rinds, lettuce will not impart a smell or flavor of its own onto the flower. 

    #10 — Does Weed Cause Acne?

    While smoking tobacco is associated with poor skin health, there is currently no evidence this is the case for marijuana. That said, as is always the case with cannabis, research is slim. 

    Some believe it’s possible due to the misconception that weed is dehydrating (again, it isn’t.) There are actually several potential benefits of cannabis for skin health including:

  • Skin Cancer — One study has shown smoking marijuana may reduce the risk of some cancers, including skin cancer.
  • Sebum Maintenance — Sebum is the main contributor to acne. It’s the oily substance your skin produces and some claim weed helps to keep it at bay. Others claim the opposite, however.
  • Skin ConditionsOne study found marijuana may help with a host of skin conditions and diseases.

  • While we know there are endocannabinoid receptors located in skin cells, there is currently not enough information to know whether weed is good or bad for the skin. Conflicting reports from users do very little to settle the matter.

    If you’re smoking weed and you notice your acne is worsening, it may be a good idea to stop smoking and see if that stops. Ultimately, it may come down to the physiological makeup of each individual person.

    Conclusion — Where to Find Weed in Tennessee

    Weed is currently illegal in the state of Tennessee but there are alternatives that are federally legal. THCa is the most popular alternative since it’s the only one that is currently able to grow on its own in flower.

    Other options like flower infused delta-8 THC involves taking hemp flower and spraying it with delta-8 THC concentrate. While some enjoy the mixture of CBD and THC this provides, it is typically a lower effect and a harsher smoke as well.

    THCa flower like the kind we offer at Perfect Plant is completely different from that. This flower is bred to produce exclusively THCa, making it a legal flower underneath the .03% delta-9 THC limit.

    That means it goes through a careful growth, harvest, and curing process to ensure this cannabinoid doesn’t convert to Delta-9 THC through oxidation. The result is a potent flower with a terrific nose to it.

    Want to try some for yourself? Stop by one of our locations in Germantown or off Whitebridge Pike and speak with one of our cannabis experts today.

    Please note, while we do offer THCa flower online when able, several hurdles often prevent us from being able to do so.