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By J Gordon Curtis

THC Shots - High Spirits® Tiger's Blood

About Tiger’s Blood THC Shot

Perfect Plant’s new High Spirits® Tiger Blood THC Shot is one of our most exciting products on the shelves. Flavored with delicious ginger, lemon, and hibiscus, each of these 3 oz shots contains 10mg of Delta-9 THC as well as 30mg of CBD.

The cannabinoids in this shot go through a process known as nano-emulsion which set them apart from every other cannabis drink or edible on the market. This fast-acting solution is here to offer a pure, enlightening experience for the user.

Let’s discuss more about what set’s this drink apart, how this drink will make you feel, and even some tasty cannabis cocktails you can create with it.

Do THC-Infused Drinks Get You High?

In short, yes. 

THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for the intoxicating effects of Marijuana. Whether it’s sourced from hemp flower or marijuana flower, it’s always going to have that similar effect.

One thing that does make a difference in this particular case is the presence of CBD. Unlike most heavy THC products which take out most of the CBD, this product pairs the two.

When partnered with CBD, THC is more likely to provide an even-keeled experience and less likely to lead to the anxiety associated with high doses of THC. Some research even shows that the combination of CBD and THC is more powerful than either of them on its own.

That makes this the perfect drink for social settings, replacing the need to reach for alcohol as your only social lubricant

THC infusion is difficult for drinks, however, since cannabinoids are typically hydrophobic (or, unable to dissolve in water.) 

That’s why tinctures often utilize MCT Oils or other oil-based options. If you have ever tried dropping one of these into a drink, you’ve likely noticed that the two don’t combine well. 

When it comes to cannabis-infused drinks, nothing beats nano-emulsion. 

What is Nano-Emulsion?

Converting cannabis into a water-soluble product can occur in a few different ways but none is better than nano-emulsification. This is the process of using ultrasonic waves to break the molecules up into “nanoparticles.“

These nanoparticles are much easier for bodies to absorb since they’re so much smaller. They can travel through mucous membranes that are typically not open to big cannabinoid molecules. 

Why is Nano-Emulsion Better?

There are many reasons why nano-emulsion is the best which mainly translates to higher bioavailability.

Bioavailability refers to the ease with which your body can absorb something. With CBD oils, edibles, flower, and every other form, a certain amount of the chemicals may get lost in the process.  

Think of CBD as a puddle and bioavailability as an object’s ability to soak that puddle up. Some options may be akin to throwing a sheet of paper on it, others may be closer to a sponge or towel.

By sheer virtue of being a smaller molecule, nano-emulsified CBD is much easier for your body to take in and accept. That gives it a higher bioavailability than any other form of cannabis.

By some accounts, nano-emulsification could have as much as 100% bioavailability. 

That translates to:

  • Faster Onset: Unlike edibles which can take 1-2 hours to kick in, consumers can expect nano CBD to kick in within 10-20 minutes. 
  • Less Waste: The more your body can absorb, the less you’ll lose in digestion and other bodily functions.
  • Higher Potency: 10mg of nano-emulsified CBD or THC will go far beyond any other form could. Some place the potency at as much as 4x that of other forms.

  • Better bioavailability means a better product every time. 

    Three (Non-Alcoholic) Cannabis Cocktail Recipes You Can Create with Tiger’s Blood

    We love the taste of our High Spirits® Tiger's Blood THC shot but we also love to mix it for a nice cannabis mocktail. Here are three amazing cannabis cocktail recipes you can try for yourself at home:

    El Mojito Tigre

    This take on a mojito is one for the ages. A refreshing summer poolside beverage, the blending of flavors on this drink will instantly replace the alcohol version as your favorite.

    Ingredients Needed:

    • Mint (preferably fresh)
    • ½ cup of your favorite bubbles – Club soda, sparkling water, tonic water, etc
    • 1 ½ oz Simple Syrup (or sugar)
    • 1 lime, quartered
    • Ice

    Cannabis Mojito Recipe:

    1. Place mint and a lime wedge in a glass and muddle them together at the bottom. Don’t go overboard with this, two or three times with the muddler is plenty.
    2. Add in the rest of your limes along with the sugar or simple syrup and muddle them again.
    3. Fill the glass to the top with ice and pour in your High Spirits® Tiger's Blood THC Shot and then pour your fizzy drink on top.
    4. Stir lightly and add more simple syrup or sugar to taste.

    Mule’s Blood

    The refreshing taste of ginger beer has given countless drinks their tasty edge over others. This Mule recipe will leave you refreshed and relaxed at the end of a long, hot day.

    Ingredients Needed:

    • 1 can of ginger beer
    • 1 lime, quartered
    • 2 fresh mint leafs
    • Ice

    Cannabis Mule Recipe:

    1. Take a knife and puncture 2 lime wedges several times before squeezing them over the glass. Puncturing it in this way will allow the juice to escape easier and prevent it from squirting all over.
    2. Place one mint leaf at the bottom and muddle it lightly.
    3. Fill the glass with ice.
    4. Pour your High Spirits® Tiger Blood THC Shot in followed by the ginger beer.
    5. Take another lime wedge and slice it in the middle before moving it around the rim of the glass and leaving it at the top.
    6. Garnish with another fresh mint leaf.

    Eastern Tiger

    Our take on the Tequila Sunrise, the Tiger faces east, towards the rising sun in this breakfast cocktail classic.

    Ingredients Needed:

    • Cherry and orange slice for garnish
    • 4 oz orange juice, preferably freshly-squeezed
    • ¼ oz of grenadine
    • A splash of cranberry juice
    • Ice

    Making a Cannabis Sunrise:

    1. Add your ice to a chilled glass
    2. Pour in your High Spirits® Tiger Blood shot followed by the orange juice and mix them together.
    3. After the liquid stops moving, pour in your grenadine which will sink to the bottom of the glass.
    4. Add a splash of cranberry juice to taste.

    Drink Less Alcohol, Drink More Cannabis

    From the point where your blood-alcohol level would impair driving, it takes just 4x that amount of alcohol to potentially kill you. Alcohol is often an exceptionally dangerous drug and it’s no wonder that many are replacing their habit with cannabis.

    To date, there are no fatalities from a cannabis overdose. 

    Setting aside the fact that you don’t have to deal with a hangover the next day, many enjoy the feeling of a “high” over a “drunkenness.” As opposed to the dulling nature of alcohol, THC seems to stimulate and bring euphoria to the user.

    Where Can I Find the High Spirits® Tiger's Blood THC Shot?

    You can stop into either of our shops in Nashville (we have locations in Germantown and Whitebridge) or visit us online. If you have any questions on this or any other product in our shops, please don’t hesitate to reach out or stop by to ask one of our cannabis experts. 

    If you have any questions on this or any other product in our shops, please don’t hesitate to reach out or stop by to ask one of our cannabis experts. 

    Remember: Health is Wealth. Treat your endocannabinoid system right and keep your alcohol consumption low with this delicious replacement.