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By J Gordon Curtis

We’re always expanding and updating our selection of THCa flower but we wanted to make sure you knew about this one. Ice Cream Cake is a popular strain of marijuana we’re fortunate enough to have in stock right now as THCa flower.

This federally legal cannabinoid offers a similar experience for users that plan on smoking it. Let’s dive into this new strain and the cannabinoid it most abundantly carries. 

In the end, we’ll tell you where to pick some up for yourself.

Terpene Profile

Cannabinoids do a lot of the heavy lifting for cannabis but effects can vary greatly depending on the terpene profile. Terpenes — aromatic essential oils existing in cannabis and throughout nature — give each strain its distinctive smell, taste, and effect.

Here are the most abundant terpenes you can expect from Ice Cream Cake:

  • Caryophyllene — The most abundant terpene in this strain is also common in black peppercorns. It is the only cannabis terpene we know of that also acts as a cannabinoid, meaning it interacts with the same receptors.
  • Limonene — Also common in citric fruit, many believe this terpene to have anxiolytic and anti-depressive effects. This is the main ingredient in most lemon essential oils.
  • Linalool — If you’ve ever enjoyed the sedative effects of lavender, you have experience with linalool. This terpene is responsible for the smell and effect of the flower.
  • Effects

    Ice Cream Cake is a heavy Indica best at night or on days off. With a hefty amount of THCa, we recommend this strain for our customers looking for something with a little more power. 

    At 30% THCa, this is a frontrunner in the industry with very few options on the market offering this percentage or above.

    How is THCa Flower Made?

    Tetrahydrocannabidiolic acid (THCa) is the most abundant cannabinoid in marijuana. Over time, exposure to heat and oxygen causes the cannabinoid to shed its carboxyl group — or, decarboxylation.

    The result is good, old-fashioned delta-9 THC. When making edibles, this conversion is the reason why you have to heat marijuana at a low temperature first. In the case of smokables, the heat comes from the flame you put to the joint or bowl.

    THCa flower cures and dries in such a way as to ensure this conversion doesn’t happen, putting the product in the legal category of “hemp.”

    Is THCa Legal?

    The only legal regulations on cannabis in Tennessee involve the percentage of delta-9 THC in the plant. THCa flower is legal as long as this number remains under the .03% limit set by the Farm Bill.

    While the sands of cannabis regulation are ever-shifting, THCa is currently a federally legal product. 

    Will THCa Get You High?

    THCa as it exists within the flower will not lead to an intoxicating effect on its own. That said, several people choose to eat raw cannabis because of the potential benefits of the acidic cannabinoid.

    So, while it may not get you high, there are plenty who claim to get something out of consuming it as is. Of course, if you wanted to change this fact and create an intoxicating product, it’s as simple as smoking the flower or decarboxylating it and making some brownies.

    Once you introduce THCa to heat, it rapidly converts and becomes intoxicating in the same way you’d get high from weed. 

    Where to Find Wedding Cake THCa Flower

    Since THCa technically falls into the “hemp” category, there are very few legal regulations on its production. Technically, the only thing producers have to show about these products is that they are under the .03% limit for delta-9 THC.

    Order Ice Cream Cake THCa flower here.

    Meaning the products don’t even have to report on the main cannabinoid they claim to contain. For this reason, it’s important to properly vet your hemp supplier and ensure they’re exceeding the minimum for effort.

    At Perfect Plant, we offer robust reporting backing up the claims we put on each of the labels. Whether you choose to go with us or with a different supplier, it’s important to ensure they’re going the extra mile as well.

    We don’t feel there’s anything to hide with the potency of our products — make sure the company you buy from feels the same way.

    Feel free to stop by either of our locations in Nashville — we have one in Germantown, and another off Whiteridge Pike — if you have more questions. Our cannabis expert on duty will gladly guide you through the options and find what’s right for you.

    Please note that, while we strive to put all our flower online for sale, various hurdles and high demand may get in the way of us doing so from time to time. Our physical locations are the best way to purchase THCa flower from us if it’s not available online.