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By J Gordon Curtis

As you may have already read in Rolling Stone or High Times MagazineDelta 8 THC has been taking the cannabis world by storm as many are finding it to be a comparable, legal replacement for the outlawed Delta 9 THC. Additionally, the lower potency of Delta 8 THC has led many to report it to be more clear-headed and less prone to the potential paranoia induced by it’s more powerful cousin.

Delta 8 THC occurs naturally in hemp plants but it shows up in almost negligible amounts. So how is it that we are now able to make entire lines of products from it?

Luckily, cannabinoids have similar molecular formations, allowing producers to be able to chemically alter them, giving them different properties.. In this way, Delta 8 is primarily made by taking isolated CBD and using chemical reactions to convert it to the Delta 9 and then Delta 8 THC.

NO, THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA. Synthetic marijuana, sometimes called “Spice,” is a product that is misleadingly named, dangerous, and should not be used. 

In contrast to the chemically made product of “Spice,” Delta 8 is a completely natural compound. However, chemicals are used in the making of Delta 8. This is important because there have been occasions when Delta 8 manufacturers have cut corners and not necessarily remediated out all of those residual solvents. 

In fact, as we mentioned in our last post about Delta 8, it took us several months to find a company that could provide us with a clean, full-panel test on their products. Due to the nature of the unregulated market, many companies can have a turn-and-burn mentality. Unconcerned with full-panel testing, these companies are typically in pursuit of the immense profits waiting to be claimed.

This is a shame because, without proper testing, there is no way to know the efficacy of the Delta 8. And, obviously, this is short-sighted and puts the legality of cannabis in potential perril.

We can’t vouch for anyone else’s Delta 8 but we can say that ours have been rigorously tested for safety and potency. Try them today and see why Delta 8 is exploding onto the scene!