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By J Gordon Curtis

We’re back and excited to offer up another fantastic new strain of THCa flower to the line of options we have available. While the name of the strain is Dump Truck, you won’t want to throw this flower away. 

As a strain that’s already been popular with marijuana fans, this is a welcome addition you won’t want to miss out on. Let’s discuss this flower, what makes it unique, and the main cannabinoid within it. 

After, we’ll tell you where to pick up a jar and try it out for yourself. 

Dump Truck THCa Flower by Perfect Plant Hemp Co.  

Deciding on the right strain for you can feel like a daunting task. While the name may make you second guess the quality of this strain, enthusiasts adore Dump Truck.

The cross between Afghani Hash and Purple Trainwreck is delightful and great for beginners and heavy smokers alike. Still, each person has their preference when it comes to flower so we want to make sure you know what to expect if you pick up a jar:


Unlike an actual dump truck, you’ll love the smell of this flower. Delightful fruity and minty aromas give this strain a fantastic nose we’re proud to serve up.


Smooth and delicious flavors fill the smoke of this plant and the terpenes make it an enjoyable smoke you’ll drool as you reach for. The aftertaste from the smoke is nice and doesn’t linger too long.


While technically a hybrid, Dump Truck leans toward the Indica side, making it a great option for a nighttime smoke. Since it is still a hybrid, you may enjoy it in the daytime as well but it’s typically better to not smoke too much of this strain if you still have tasks to accomplish.

At 23% THCa, this is a highly effective strain.

How is THCa Legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill placed legal restrictions on the amount of THC that could be in cannabis flower before switching categories from hemp to marijuana. This limit — .03% of the total weight of the plant — applies only to delta-9 THC.

As a result, there is currently no limit to the amount of THCa producers can include in their products. It’s always possible this will change in the future but, as for now, these are federally legal products.

How is THCa Made?

In Marijuana, the vast majority of the cannabinoids exist in this acidic form. Over time, as the flower dries and cures, some of these cannabinoids slowly convert to delta-9 THC.

THCa flower producers aim to ensure this never happens, leaving the acidic forms as is through advanced processing methods. This makes THCa the only alternative form of THC we can legally sell without chemical alterations or additives — we can make it naturally as its own flower. 

Will THCa Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Yes — at least if you heat it but maybe even if you don’t. While THCa may not be intoxicating, it’s possible some of the remaining metabolites can still trigger a positive result on a drug test.

If you are heating the THCa flower, you should know you will definitely fail a drug test if you have to take one. There is no way for urinalysis to measure whether you obtained your THC source legally or illegally, unfortunately. 

Is THCa Flower Safe?

There’s no reason to believe THCa has any inherent danger associated with it. Still, very little research has taken place on the cannabinoid so this is still not certain. 

Additionally, since THCa falls into the chronically underregulated category of “hemp,” there is very little producers have to report on. While it’s uncommon for products to contain harmful ingredients, reports often don’t even have to discuss the contents of the label. 

The only thing tests have to show from a legal standpoint is the amount of delta-9 THC in a product. If you’re buying a jar of THCa flower, producers don’t have to prove their claims on the percentage of this cannabinoid.

It’s important to properly vet your hemp source and ensure their reporting goes far beyond the legal requirement. If they’re ready to stand by the claims they make on the label, they’ll go the extra mile to report on it as we do.

Where to Find Dump Truck THCa Flower by Perfect Plant

Stop in for this powerhouse strain or the ranks of our other options here at Perfect Plant. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not this is for you, you can speak with one of our cannabis experts by either visiting our physical locations or ordering online if you live in Tennessee or North Carolina.

Learn more and order our Dump Truck THCa Flower strain here.

We would love to walk you through the options and see if they’re the right choice for you. Stop by today and start investing in your endocannabinoid system.