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By J Gordon Curtis

Live rosin is a term people seem to almost drool over whenever they say it. As a premium form of cannabis extraction, consumers frequently seek out live rosin products in legal states.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the difference between regular delta-9 THC and when producers extract it in live rosin form. We’ll also discuss what live rosin is, why it matters, and how producers make it.

What is Live Rosin THC?

Live rosin extracts use fresh cannabis flower and don’t require the use of any chemical solvents. Though both refer to full-spectrum, amber-colored extracts and have similar names, live rosin and live resin are distinct methods. 

Extracts of THC utilizing the live rosin method are among the most coveted in legal states and they often come at a higher price. Users often seek out products with this on the label.

The intensive process of creation makes live rosin both rare and expensive. Live rosin is often the most expensive option per gram at dispensaries.

How is Live Rosin THC Made?

Creating live rosin hash requires producers to first freeze their fresh cannabis flowers. After frozen, they can take the cannabis and convert it into a product known as “ice hash.” 

As the name suggests, ice hash involves putting fresh cannabis flowers into a bucket of ice with some bubble bags and screens to pull the trichomes from the plant material. After doing this, producers must dry out the hash which contains the moisture of non-dried cannabis plants.

To move forward with the live rosin process, this hash has to be a “full-melt extract” which is a high-quality concentration named for the ability to fully melt. When dabbing these, users will find them to melt into a puddle and evaporate without leaving any contaminants.

Producers take this high-quality extract and apply pressure to it at low temperatures to leave only the pure concentrations of the plant. This painstaking process yields an extract most cannabis consumers agree is the best available option.

What’s the Difference Between Live Rosin and Live Resin?

Many qualities of live resin and live rosin are the same. Both starts with fresh flowers producers flash freeze before extracting. The difference between the two comes from the chemicals producers use to extract live resin products.

By contrast, live rosin uses low-heat and non-chemical reactions to bring about the end result. Freezing fresh flowers  —  responsible for the word “live” in both methods  —  help to preserve the elements of the plant as they appear in fresh flowers which is why both options do it.

Using chemicals to extract live resin makes it an easier process albeit one with more inherent risks. 

Is Live Rosin Delta-9 THC Better?

Live rosin is definitely among the tastiest options when it comes to extracts but it’s THC potency is less than some others. By freezing the flowers before drying them, the terpene and cannabinoid content remains much more intact, increasing the entourage of other elements, however.

As an intensive process, many opt for easier options but the brands willing to put the effort in find great rewards as a result. 

Answering whether or not a form of THC extract is “better” is not simple as each person  —  and their preferences  —  is different. For those who prefer something with a lot of flavor, you can’t do much better than live rosin. 

If your goal is the most potent THC product you can find, live rosin may not be the right choice for you. Still, any extract is likely to be plenty of THC for moderate or even most heavy users of cannabis.

For many, there can be a great benefit in not finding the most potent THC product you can. Lower doses of THC or pairing THC with CBD can bring enjoyable effects without impairing your actions or response times.

Why We Don’t Have Live Rosin Delta-9 THC

There are a few products on the market claiming to have hemp-derived, live rosin delta-9 extracts. Upon closer inspection, consumers will find these gummies to have 5mg of live rosin extract and the rest is regular hemp-derived delta-9 THC.

One thing that’s important to our brand is not carrying products we don’t believe in. We waited months after delta-8 first hit the scene before we were comfortable enough with the reporting companies presented on it to carry any.

Methods for attempting to make this using hemp are not quite yet ready for mass market appeal. We are proud of our delta-9 gummy choices, staying true to our actual product and presenting it for what’s doing the actual “heavy lifting.”

Current products claiming to be live rosin created from hemp likely follow a similar pattern to the example mentioned above. As time goes on and our methods and technology continue to improve, rest assured we’ll carry any product that comes across our desk and excites us.

In the hemp industry, however, we aren’t quite there yet.

Where to Find Live Rosin Delta-9 THC Gummies

If you live in a restrictive state like Tennessee, you’re limited in your choices for delta-9 gummies to those producers sourced from hemp. While the plant it comes from is non-intoxicating, this is the same delta-9 THC you have known and loved throughout the years.

The problem arises from the lack of regulation on the hemp industry. Unlike the marijuana industry which has numerous safeguards and restrictions, hemp is rather open. 

For this reason, whether you go with us or a different company, you should always make sure your provider has robust reporting available. A good provider will go above and beyond what the government asks of it to prove the purity and quality of the products on its shelves.

We may not have live rosin extracts, but we do have several amazing delta-9, delta-8, THCa, and other options available. Stop into either location in Nashville  —  we have a shop in Germantown and another one off White Bridge Pike  —  and let one of our cannabis experts walk you through what’s available.

Or, if you’d rather operate alone, check out our webstore and we’ll ship our offerings directly to your door! However you do it, remember: health is wealth, invest in yourself.