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By J Gordon Curtis


Delta 9 Gummies Review

Perfect Plant’s new 10mg Delta-9 Gummies “The Pyramid’s on Mars” are a potent cannabis product with a lot to get excited about. They are available in a delicious “Martian Mango” flavor and come in a jar of 5 to make a total of 50mg THC.

To celebrate this new one-of-a-kind product, we wanted to take some time to talk more about these gummies. In this article, we'll talk about how we created the Pyramids on Mars, what they feel like, and how you can grab a jar for yourself. 

How We Created the Pyramids on Mars

To create hemp-derived delta-9, one must first start with hemp. In the case of most hemp-derived cannabinoids (like Delta-8 THC,) the first step is isolation.

For these products, producers convert the isolated CBD into THC through a variety of processes. When this happens, they must separate the CBD from the remaining components of extraction (including the THC which occurs in .3% or less of the flower.)

This runoff liquid (known as the Mother Liquor) is the key to creating hemp-derived Delta-9 THC. 

How is Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC Legal?

Legally speaking, at no point is the THC in a product supposed to exceed .3% of the weight of that product. In hemp flower, that means a very low percentage of the flower since it weighs very little.

However, an edible that weighs 350 mg is legally allowed to have up to 10.5 mg of THC in it. That is, of course, as long as it comes from a plant that follows similar rules.

Many other forms of THC are on the market today as a result of cannabis ingenuity but this one is one we’ve known all along. So, is THC derived from hemp similar to the THC found in marijuana?

What to Expect from Hemp-Derived Delta 9 THC

There haven't yet been any studies on the difference between THC derived from hemp and how/whether it differs from the THC in marijuana. Anecdotal reports vary but generally report a similar experience between the two sources.

Depending on who you ask, some may say that hemp-derived THC is a little less heavy than that found in Marijuana. They may claim that it’s more euphoric and carries less of a body load.

Others will tell you it’s the exact same thing and feels identical to delta-9 THC from other sources. So what could create the difference in opinion?

Why the Conflict?

The first option is the most obvious: mentality. If you go into an experience with the belief that it will be less heavy, it likely will be. Remember, the endocannabinoid system is partially responsible for the placebo effect.

Other options are a bit more cynical: mislabeling or misrepresenting products. Since cannabis is an unregulated market, this is unfortunately not uncommon. Some “Delta-9” products may actually involve Delta-8, CBD, or other cannabinoids as well/instead.

This makes it especially important to make sure that you follow up on the reporting for all your cannabis products. We put a QR code right on the side of the jar that will take you directly to it. If reporting is incomplete/inaccessible, you should stay away from it.

About the Dosage

THC is a bi-phasic (or, two-phased) compound. This means that it acts differently in smaller doses than it will in large ones. 

For this reason, a person on a light dose of THC may feel calm and relaxed and, after taking a little more, might flip to anxiety and paranoia. Since everyone is different and the right dose depends on a wide variety of factors, determining your dosage is important.

In this area, these gummies are an extremely effective tool. Since they come in 10mg gummies, they are ideal for determining your dosage by increasing by 5-10mg at a time. 

10mg is typically considered the threshold dose for experiencing effects but 5mg is generally recommended as the starting point for beginners. With these gummies, that’s as simple as cutting them in half. 

Start with one and give yourself at least two hours before taking any more. From there, you can go up by half a gummy at a time to determine the right amount for your system.

If you determine a dosage that is on the higher end, you can also buy these in 50mg pieces

Where you can buy them

As we touched on earlier, cannabis is an unregulated market and reporting is vital for determining quality. Whether you decide to go with us or with another provider, you must take the time to properly vet where you buy these products from.

There is always risk in the unknown and you shouldn’t be in the dark on any part of your product.

Informing yourself about the products that you are buying is the best practice in any scenario but can prove especially useful for cannabis. If you’re still unsure, stop into one of our shops and let one of our cannabis experts walk you through Delta-9 and its benefits.

Or, if you’re already convinced, feel free to simply pick yourself up a jar from our webstore. We know that these gummies will have you seeing the pyramids on the moon and contemplating their origins.

As always, health is wealth. Don’t forget to invest in yourself.