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By J Gordon Curtis

Is Delta 8 THC safe? If it passes a full-panel test, we say “yes!” By all reports, the molecule Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is safe and has all the benefits of THC. These include anxiolytic, anti-nausea, and anti-inflammatory effects along with the ability to produce a similar head change to it’s big brother, Delta 9.

As a hemp derivative, it is covered and federally legal through the Farm Bill signed into law in 2018. We have plans to get into the ways Delta 8 is produced soon so stay tuned! For the sake of this article, let’s just say that not all ways are as safe as others. 

The issue around the safety of Delta-8 products actually has very little to do with the molecule itself and much more to do with the production methods of some distributors. As a non-regulated product, Delta-8 can have a wide range of efficacy and manufacturing standards. 

Jackson Campbell, the founder here at Perfect Plant, estimates at least $10k went into the production and testing of Delta 8 products that were all found to be unacceptable for sale. It took us nearly three months to find a producer we were comfortable with and now we are even able to have projects in the works for our own Delta 8 products so stay tuned!

Though Delta 8 is new on the market, it’s been around an known about for some time. In the mid-90’s eight children were administered Delta 8 THC as a treatment for the nausea associated with heavy chemotherapy sessions. Uncharacteristic of many studies, this one actually resulted in a 100% success rate, proving that Delta 8 has a real benefit to offer. 

In conclusion, we cannot vouch for anybody else’s Delta 8 on the market but we can say that we put in the hard work needed to ensure that our products offer a highly-efficacious, safe head change. Try it today and see for yourself why Delta 8 will have a place in the market even when cannabis is fully decriminalized.