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By J Gordon Curtis

It’s important to understand what you’re in for before you get into it. That’s a statement that is especially true of cannabis which can last a long time in some instances, meaning overdoing it can be an hours-long affair. Just how long does a Delta-8 high last?

Let’s talk a bit more about what you can expect from that Delta-8 product you’ve been pondering as well as how you can find the best options available. 

Does Delta-8 Make You High?

Yes. Delta-8 is a form of THC and, as such, carries the same ability to intoxicate users. 

Generally, its users agree that Delta 8 is ⅔ - ½ as potent as its illegal cousin. There are an assortment of potential causes for this variation: not the least of which includes the unregulated nature of the cannabis world. 

What is the Difference Between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC?

Molecularly speaking, the only real difference between the two cannabinoids is that the double bond happens on the 8th molecule instead of the 9th. Think of Delta-9 THC as being the perfect “key” for the “lock” of your endocannabinoid system receptors.

Since Delta-9 fits perfectly into that receptor, it is an extremely effective chemical. Anything off from that chemical isn’t going to fit the “lock” quite as well.

So Delta-8, an extremely similar molecule, can activate and remain on the receptors but it takes more of it than it would of Delta-9. Some appreciate that for the fact that it’s a bit less likely to lead to the paranoia state induced by high doses of THC. 

How Much Delta-8 THC will get you High?

While it is harder to overdo it with Delta-8 than it is with Delta-9, it is nonetheless possible. It’s important to understand your threshold with THC as well as your limits.

The amount of Delta-8 that you should consume depends on the ROA.

Routes of Administration (ROA)

Routes of Administration (ROAs) refer to the different methods of ingesting substances. The amount of THC you consume orally through an edible is different than the amount you consume through smoking or vaping.

In every case, the adage still rings true: start low and go slow. You can always take more, you just can’t take less.

Here are some of the more common ROAs associated with Delta-8 and how you should go about finding your appropriate dosage for each of them:


When vaping THC, the effect is nearly instantaneous and you can expect it to last for about a half hour before tapering off to a milder effect. When you are determining the right amount of a vapable to take in, you should start with one or two 3-second inhales on low heat.

Wait at least 30 seconds between hits, 2 minutes or so if you want to play it safe. 


Similar to vaping, smoking is nearly instantaneous with about a 30-minute peak effect before tapering off. 

It’s wise to start with a smoking instrument meant for small amounts of material to start. If you are holding a big joint, you may wind up taking more than you’d like without realizing it.

A nice one-hitter is a good way to pack a single hit at a time and find the right balance for you. Again, give yourself at least 30-60 seconds between hits (though it would be surprising if you could reload a one-hitter faster than that anyways.)


The effects of edibles remain active much longer than other forms of consumption. While this is great news for people who take the right dose, it increases the risk associated with those who do not.

Many report the effects of edibles lasting anywhere between 4-6 hours. Nobody wants to go through 4 hours of paranoia and anxiety so it's important to dose responsibly.

Start with 5-10mg and give yourself at least an hour and fifteen minutes before taking any more. From here, you can go up in 5mg increments to find the right dosage for yourself. 

If you’re using edibles for sleeping, we recommend determining your dosage while awake. Though a higher dosage might help you sleep through the night, you don’t want to wake up, disoriented and high for the first time at 2 am.

What does a Delta-8 THC High Feel Like?

The high from Delta-8 THC is very similar to the one that you can feel from Delta-9. The main difference between the two comes from potency. 

THC is a biphasic cannabinoid, meaning that it has two phases. The first phase (small doses,) might be great for anxiety but the second one (large doses) can kick in paranoia and fear.

The same is true for appetite stimulation/nausea, memory retention/loss, and more. Criminalization has led to the flower on the street having exorbitant levels of THC, making it too potent for many. 

As a result, some feel that Delta-8 is more uplifting and stimulating by contrast since it doesn't overwhelm as much.

Where to Find Delta-8 THC

We have a fantastic variety of Delta-8 THC products on the shelves. Our Great Pyramid gummies are a fan favorite that comes in a delicious variety of flavors and 30mg of Delta-8 THC in each gummy.

Whether you are buying it from us or buying it from someone else, we only recommend that you ensure they have extensive reporting (like we do.) Remember that hemp doesn't undergo regulation and it’s important to fully understand anything that you’re taking into your body like that.

In addition to the gummies available online, we also have a great selection of vapables available in either of our Nashville locations. We can’t legally offer them online but we also offer top-of-the-line cartridge and disposable vape options.