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By J Gordon Curtis

**Before diving too far into this, we do want to be clear that research is pretty scarce on the use of CBD while breastfeeding. This article is not medical advice. We recommend consulting with your physician if you are pregnant or nursing before using CBD.**

With a staggering 50-80% of women reportedly experiencing some form of postpartum depression, more and more are coming forward to end the stigma associated with it. The emotional and physical toll of childbirth being so high, many are left grasping for solutions. Powerful testimonies like this one are all over the internet showing that some women have found relief in CBD.

One of the main ways in which CBD can help postpartum is through it’s powerful anxiolytic qualities. With roughly 10% of new moms reporting a postpartum anxiety, this could have far-reaching benefits. CBD assists against a variety of postpartum symptoms though as an anti-nauseaanti-depressant, and pain reliever.

Recommended Methods

CBD has worked wonders for some as a spot-treatment for instant or near-instant relief of simple symptoms. Studies have also shown that CBD works better when taken daily as it allows the cannabinoids to stack in your system. This can potentially be used to help treat more complex issues like depression or hormonal imbalances. Using CBD in general, and especially for postpartum-related issues, consistency is key.

Our co-founder and GM had this to say about her experience using CBD after having her daughter: 

As a new mom, I didn’t anticipate all the anxiety and postpartum depression that came with it. In search of a holistic answer I turned to CBD. I started using a tincture 2-3 times a day. I was amazed how it calmed my nerves and elevated my mood. Most importantly I was sleeping for the first time in months! As I consistently usd CBD, I realized the inflammation I would normally feel around my cycle had dramatically reduced. Needless to say I am a huge fan of CBD and continue to use it everyday.”

If you’re interested in using CBD for Postpartum, the right product really comes down to the symptoms and severity. For anxiety, we typically recommend a tincture or flower because symptoms typically appear with little warning and require fast relief. Both of these methods can take effect almost immediately.

For a localized pain or discomfort, a topical may be a better route as it allows you to apply CBD directly to your body where it’s absorbed transdermally. For topical applications we recommend our warming Fire and Earth muscle rub or our Trouble in Paradise cooling pain cream.

Whatever the method, it’s worth seeing if there’s a natural solution to your postpartum symptoms. Your body is your temple and your daily self-care routine should be a ritual!