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By J gordon Curtis

Can CBD assist with Menstruation Symptoms?

As this review points out, “CBD compounds have been studied and proven to treat and relieve symptoms such as chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression, and insomnia, to name a few. Since many of these symptoms often present themselves to women who suffer from PMS, CBD may be an appropriate, natural alternative treatment when it comes to managing these occurrences.”

The review points to CBD being great for treating the emotional and mental disturbances associated with PMS, headaches, and menstrual pain. People have been using CBD for menstrual pain for years. In fact, Queen Victoria was prescribed cannabis for her menstrual pain back in the 1840’s.

As with all cannabis-related treatments, it’s worth mentioning that research is still scarce. However, the research we do have seems promising. Many studies have been conducted with a focus on common symptoms associated with menstruation. 

CBD has been proven to be a strong anti-inflammatoryanxiolytic, and may even assist to balance hormones


Best CBD for Menstruation

With so many CBD products out there, it can be daunting trying to start a new endocannabinoid regimen. Though any quality CBD product should be able to help ease the symptoms of menstruation, we also have some products specifically geared towards the relief of menstrual symptoms. 

For example, if hormone balance is your main goal, we’d recommend checking out our Ceremony bath bomb. Mixed with therapeutic essential oils, nourishing butters, 100mg of CBD, many of our customers have found relief using these. 

If you’re dealing with pain, it could be worth incorporating a tincture into your routine. Our new Yin and Yang tinctures are the best we’ve got. 1000mg of CBD mixed in a 2:1 ratio with CBG or CBN along with cannabis-derived terpenes makes this a quick and effective reliever.

Or, if you’re looking for more of a head change, check out one of our Delta 8 THC products today!

Whatever your need, cannabis has provided a natural and effective treatment through the turbulent waters of menstruation for many and could be right for you as well. See what this Perfect Plant is able to do for you today and remember: Health is Wealth!