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By J Gordon Curtis

Did you know that dogs have an endocannabinoid system too? In fact, every vertebrate animal has an endocannabinoid system. This system offers regulation for a wide-array of physiological needs. Science is suggesting that these similar benefits can be experienced by animals as well.

CBD works for dogs in the same way that it works for humans and is able to deliver on many of the same benefits. Dogs with chronic or dull pain, anxiety around separation or loud noises, being in the car, seizures, difficulty maintaining an appetite, keeping food down, and much more can all potentially benefit from CBD. 

But is CBD safe for dogs?

Unfortunately, the government’s war on drugs often has claimed science as a victim. For years we were unable to study this gift from nature but, thankfully, we can now. Preliminary research on using CBD for dogs is showing that it is extremely likely to have all the same benefits and be just as safe as it is for humans.

Still, it is important to note that this is all still preliminary and we’d suggest that, should you decide to use CBD for your dog, start off small and see how they react. Just like we’d recommend for humans eating an edible, start low and go slow! As dog people, all of us here at Perfect Plant can vouch for the success we’ve found in giving CBD to our pets.


Unsure as to how one would provide their furry friend with the CBD they need? 

The first thing we always ask our customers who walk into the shop for their dog is “how big is your pet?” From there, you can refer to our recommended dosing guide depending on the size of your dog. While dogs are built for cannabis the same way people are, success is highly dependent on ensuring that you are giving your furry friend the proper dose. 

Our dosing is a general guideline but may need to be adjusted depending on the severity of issues you are dealing with. Every body (even that of a pupper) is different and has a different tolerance and need. Take, for example, Bootsy, one of the Perfect Plant family dogs (the smaller, black dog on the front of the biscuits bag.) 

Bootsy is one of our beloved mascots but she tends to shake and get extremely anxious. Though she’s forty pounds, due to her extreme need at times, two zen biscuits are often what she needs to be able to fully chill out. 

Some like to take a lower-potency tincture. This method works but can be a little stressful to administer to dogs by mouth as they typically don’t enjoy the taste. Some will take the tincture and drop it on the paw of their pet so they will lick it off eventually. Outside of the paw technique, many will put the tincture on their pet’s dry food.

We like to give our dogs something we know they’ll enjoy anyways. If that’s you as well, we recommend that you try our Zen Biscuits which are made with organic pumpkin, glucosamine, and salmon oil, all of which are beneficial in their own right. Paired with 10mg of CBD each makes these a powerful treat for your best friend.

Remember, no matter how many legs you have, health is wealth!