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By J Gordon Curtis

When considering all the lavish tasks you can do, do any of them top taking a bath? Intentionally taking care of ourselves with some piping hot water and relaxing smells can change our entire outlook. CBD bath bombs claim to take it even further but what are they and how do they work?

In this article, we’re going to tell you all about CBD bath bombs, how they work, and where you can find them. There is no shortage of options on the market but they are not all created equal. Knowing the difference between a good product and a bad one ensures that the bath bomb you’re putting in the water is as powerful as the label on the box makes it out to be.

What Do CBD Bath Bombs Do?

Bath bombs have been a longtime favorite of bath-takers. In addition to being a great way to add to your bath, they also are fun to use and watch after dropping them in.

Bath bombs come in compressed spheres that you add to your water after running the bath. Contained within these are often essential oils, CBD, and other natural tools to help relax.

While bath bombs alone are soothing, the added ingredients in the bath bomb can take it to another level. Many of the reasons that people use CBD (pain, anxiety, etc) align with the grounds that a bath at the end of the day might call to you.

These bolstered additives to the bath work synergistically to achieve the same effect you were looking for with increased power.

How Do CBD Bath Bombs Work?

The base contents of the ball are natural solutions to help it disperse throughout the water. These include baking powder (ours is aluminum-free) and arrowroot powder. When the bomb hits the bath, it “explodes” outward to help mix with the water.

Warm water activates the essential oils contained within and adds a therapeutic aroma to the steam. We include things like peppermint, sweet basil, cardamom, and more in ours to help you find balance.

But how does CBD absorb through bath bombs?

The Endocannabinoid System and Topical CBD

Located just underneath the surface of your skin are untold numbers of receptors waiting for CBD. These exist in our regulatory system – The Endocannabinoid System – responsible for helping us balance many of our bodily functions.

CBD speaks directly to these receptors but it’s fat-soluble and can’t go directly through the skin without oil. The solution – enchanting shea and cocoa seed butter added to our bath bombs along with avocado oil to help leave the skin feeling silky and smooth and enable the CBD to do its thing.

Do CBD Bath Bombs Get You High?

No. Bath bombs are just another way to consume the same CBD as you may have already enjoyed another way. It will not make the CBD act differently or add an intoxicating effect to it at all.

CBD bath bombs assist with relaxing and refreshing the body and mind without an intoxicating effect.

Are CBD Bath Bombs Safe?

There is no reason to suspect that any CBD bath bomb would have more risk than a bath bomb without. With that said, it is always important to remember that CBD is an unregulated market and, as such, quality varies greatly.

At Perfect Plant™, we put care into ensuring that we use the most natural, safe ingredients that we can. We don’t do this because we have to – in fact, the cannabis industry requires very little.

While we aren’t alone, we always recommend that you search for a dispensary that cares about their products as much as we do. It is unlikely that you would come across a CBD bath bomb that is dangerous but that doesn't mean that you should settle for one that is worse either.

Always do your due diligence and make sure that you’re buying from a reputable company with a passion for transparency.

Where to Buy CBD Bath Bombs?

We’re proud to offer three heavy-hitting bath bomb products for our customers. You can be confident that we have made each of them with natural ingredients and our lab reports will show how exceptional these are.

With 99mg of CBD each, these come in well above industry standard which often puts out products that are 10-30mg (likely not even an active amount.) Below, we’ve written a little on each of the bath bombs that we offer, take some time and see if one of them is right for you.

Remember, your body is a temple and your self-care routine should become a ritual. Setting aside time and resources to focus on ourselves and the needs of our bodies will pay incredible dividends.

Health is Wealth

Somatic CBD Bath Bomb


We’ve designed our Somatic bath bomb to help after those long, body-heavy days. Each ingredient in this formula works to address the issue of pain. As a powerful anti-inflammatory, CBD works on its own to help achieve this goal but we’ve given it some friends to help.

Namely, peppermint, rosemary, black pepper, sweet basil, ginger, and cardamom. Whether you’ve had a long day physically or just mentally, this bath bomb will bring rest and relaxation.

Lavender CBD Bath Bomb


Re-establish your balance with the delightful experience of this relaxing bath bomb. Your endocannabinoid system is constantly trying to harmonize within your body and this helps to do just that.

At the end of a long, stressful day, you can let go of your anxiety with this mixture of CBD and soothing lavender essential oil.

CBD Bath Bomb


Looking for some hormonal balance in the body? We’ve created a ceremony bath bomb with the needs of menstruation in mind. Cannabis has been a long-time helper of these concerns – Queen Victoria famously used a cannabis tincture to ease period pains.

We take the helpful power of CBD and reinforce it with essential oils of ylag ylang, clary sage, bergamot, patchouli, lavender, sweet fennel, black pepper, jasmine, rose, grapefruit, and more.