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By J Gordon Curtis

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we at Perfect Plant are thrilled to announce a brand new line of intimacy products aimed directly at improving the private lives of our customers. CBD has the power to strengthen our endocannabinoid system. In turn, this system helps to regulate our reproductive system (along with many others!)

CBD and sex make a great combination for many reasons. For starters, CBD increases blood flow, is a powerful relaxant, and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety,) making it a great tool for dealing with sexual anxiety. In extreme cases, this can lead to sexual dysfunction. Extreme cases aside, relaxing into intimacy is something that can be hard for any variety of reasons.

In addition to this, cannabis is said to increase and improve men’s sexual performance and even to be an aphrodisiac. According to this 2019 study, cannabis increased visual stimulation and pleasure, resulting in an enhanced desire for sex. CBD is also a great solution to combat the soreness that can accompany sex.

This suggests that using cannabis for sex could be beneficial to those who are working with a lower sex drive than they might wish. We find that CBD often improves our customer’s quality of life in many different arenas–why not allow it to extend into the bedroom?


Whether it’s our CBD suppositories, arousal oil, lubricant, or just the vape kit, this new line of intimacy products have got you covered!

CBD decreases pain and increases the pleasurable ones, making it a fantastic tool for before, during, or after your intimate moments with a partner (or even just with yourself!)

CBD can help to relieve pain or soreness after or during intimate moments as well! This means that using CBD for sex could allow you and your partner to explore a little more freely!

Whether it’s allowing you to be more in the moment, increasing blood flow, or enhancing sensations, CBD has the power to add a little spice to anyone’s sex life!