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By J Gordon Curtis

**Before diving too far into this, we do want to be clear that research is pretty scarce on the use of CBD while pregnant. This article is not medical advice. We recommend consulting with your physician if you are pregnant or nursing before using CBD.**

CBD and Pregnancy


With so many of the common side-effects of pregnancy lining up with the uses of CBD, it’s no wonder many are turning to hemp throughout their pregnancy. Despite the stigma associated with the practice, more and more women are coming forward to share ways in which cannabis has assisted them through their pregnancy.


CBD and Morning Sickness


Due to the lack of scientific study on the topic. These personal accounts have served a hugely important service. Real women in the real world have used cannabis (and report success in doing so) to ease the pain of their pregnancy

Take, for example, this personal testimony from a mom who was experiencing extreme morning sickness. While a low percentage of women experience nausea as bad as she was, she was not alone. 70% of women experience morning sickness, making it one of the most common side effects for expecting mothers! 

In the case of the mom in the article, this was not an occasional morning sickness. She was experiencing nausea all day long and finding no relief from the methods being prescribed to her. After consulting with her midwife, she was informed that CBD can have strong anti-nausea properties. She got a CBD solution that didn’t include THC and claims to have found immediate relief from it. 


Testimony from those who have used CBD during Pregnancy


This mother is not alone and there are several other testimonies of success in using CBD for pregnancy out there. This article interviews one doctor who claims to have known many women who used CBD to ease many of the negative things experienced during Pregnancy. 

Marieam, the wife Perfect Plant’s COO who used CBD during her pregnancy, told us that “It totally took care of my nausea, helped with my moods, and alleviated most of my pain.” She added “I would not do it again without cannabis by my side.”

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