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By J Gordon Curtis

As with most topics related to the plant, science is not yet in a definitive place on the topic of using cannabis for ADD and ADHD.

When discussing a condition like ADD or ADHD, the real conversation is centered around the treatment of the symptoms related to those conditions. To date, nothing has been invented to “cure” ADD or ADHD. Rather, we have medical advancements towards the suppression of the symptoms thereof. 

Symptoms are typically characterized by a deficit in the ability to maintain attention and an increase in impulsivity. In the case of ADHD, this is due to hyperactivity or a split focus on many things at once. Some research is suggesting that cannabis may be able to help.

The most definitive studies on the use of cannabis for ADHD have involved the study of a species of rats called Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats (SHR.) These SHRs are believed to have very similar symptoms and, therefore, present grounds for studying the effects of treatment methods such as cannabis for ADHD.

One such study took SHRs and introduced a CB1 agonist that is similar to THC. The presence of such an agonist was able to increase impulse control in SHRs. In the study, the authors posit “it appears that drugs acting at the cannabinoid receptor could possibly be used as a potential tool for pharmacological intervention [of ADHD.]”

Still, personal testimony of people using cannabis for ADHD and ADD point to relief that is often beyond that of traditional medication. While there are a host of reasons why this might be the case, it is important to note that everybody is different and science is still not where we’d like for it to be. 

The good news about cannabis is that there isn’t a harm in trying it since it’s a natural plant that your body already has a system built in for. Health is wealth and taking care of your endocannabinoid system is never a bad option! Oftentimes, it might even be the best possible option. The only way to know for sure is to try it out!

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