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Cannabis Hero Highlights: The Team at Broccoli Magazine

By J Gordon Curtis

Capping off Women’s History Month, we wanted to highlight the team over at Broccoli Magazine. Created by an all-woman team, Broccoli digs beneath the surface to deliver interesting, curated cannabis content in their thrice-yearly magazine. 

We have been carrying Broccoli mag in the store pretty much since our doors opened and can testify that there truly is nothing quite like it. Not only does Broccoli Magazine succeed at covering breaking cannabis news, they are also the only source we’ve found that captures cannabis culture as well as they do. 

In each issue the reader is likely to find some amazing work of fiction: a poem, a psychedelic story, or wishful newspaper headlines like “the Pope anoints the first catholic CBD oil.” This will be mixed in alongside hard-hitting articles detailing the disease that is the War on Drugs or the shortcomings of the rehabilitation programs we currently have. After reading one of those articles, you’re likely to happen upon a photo spread of some amazing artist, painter, or just eccentric personality.

Broccoli’s tagline: “A Magazine for Cannabis Lovers,” fits perfectly with the theme as it appears to ask the question “what do cannabis lovers want” as opposed to “what can we say about cannabis?” Not everything in the magazine is about cannabis but everything in the magazine is relevant to cannabis lovers.

We could not be more proud to support the amazing mission that is being carried out by the women over at Broccoli Magazine! For a fresh perspective on the world of cannabis, there really is no substitute for Broccoli Mag. In a world where misinformation has led the way for so long on cannabis, it’s nice to see a fresh, accurate voice on the topic!

With Issue number 11 just hitting the shelves, stop in today and see for yourself at either of our locations, or online at Perfect Plant™ Market.  If you would like to go further to support them, you can subscribe to their substack, The Broccoli Report and their podcast, Broccoli Talk!