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By J Gordon Curtis

Delivery is one of the unmatched luxuries of our modern era. Food, groceries, and (now) cannabis delivery services have revolutionized many lives. When it comes to finding cannabis delivery, Nashville offers a few different options. 

Finding out which one is best for you is not always easy. As always, it’s best to inform and educate yourself as much as possible about the many possibilities. 

Since CBD is an unregulated product, cannabis can often have a wide range of efficacy and quality. That means that cannabis delivery options can also vary depending on the product type they deliver. 

For this reason, we’re going to cover cannabis delivery in Nashville, what you can get delivered, and how to find the best option.

What Types of Cannabis can we Deliver?

As we’ve covered in our previous blog, cannabis with THC concentrations above .3% is not legal here in Tennessee. This percentage basis the threshold of the total weight of the product. 

There are, however, plenty of other legal cannabis alternatives. So, while marijuana is not legal, THC--in many forms--is.

Because of this, delivery services break down into two different categories: CBD delivery and THC delivery.

CBD Delivery

CBD is the non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. While it doesn’t make the user feel “high” it does have several purported benefits.

People use this plant for a broad range of concerns ranging from anxiety and sleeplessness to pain and irritability. 

THC Delivery

Delta-8 THC delivery and other forms are among the most popular in Nashville. While Delta-9 THC is illegal up to that .3% threshold in the cannabis plant, many types of THC are legal and protected under the 2018 Farm Bill.

This even includes Delta-9 THC when it goes through extraction from hemp.

Some of these forms of THC work out to be slightly less effective than the illegal variant. Others are reportedly as strong or stronger than Delta-9 THC.

One of the biggest benefits of THC delivery services is that you don’t have to travel. This is especially helpful when you’ve already partaken but wish to take more.

Does Perfect Plant Deliver?

There are two different ways that we are proud to offer the delivery of our products. These are through third-party services and direct shipping options. 

Third-Party Delivery

Consider It Flowers is the leading THC delivery service in Nashville and we’re proud to partner with them. They offer same-day delivery on all orders customers place by 8 pm daily.

Among other products of ours that they deliver, we recommend checking out the Power Plant THCa Flower. THCa is a cannabinoid that converts to Delta-9 THC when the user applies heat (like that from a flame.)

The delivery charge is only $5 and they wave that fee on all orders over $100.

Free Shipping to your Door

Don’t need your products for 2-3 days and want to get them straight from the source? All of our products are on our online marketplace to ship directly to your door. 

Just place your order, sit back, and let us take care of the rest! Shipping is free at all levels so there is no need to worry about meeting a minimum to avoid fees.

Additionally, we offer our Royalty Rewards Program which gives points on every single purchase. Use these points to redeem a 10 or 15% discount and we’ll notify you whenever we get new products or offer exciting deals.

Finding the Best Cannabis Delivery Service In Nashville

In the world of cannabis, the requirement for reporting is abysmally low. The only thing that CBD companies actually have to report on is the potency of the product.

It is not uncommon in our shop to get salesmen dropping off products they want us to sell with very little information. In some instances, we’ve seen reports that only show that there is below .3% THC in them.

While it’s helpful to know that a product is legal, this is hardly the only concern. Synthetic and semi-synthetic cannabinoids require chemical reactions and other scientific efforts for creation.

Wherever you’re going for your product, you should be looking for something with robust reporting. In addition to the cannabinoid profile, these should also test for:

  • Heavy metal content
  • Pesticides
  • Mycotoxins

Only with all of these bases covered is it possible to rest assured that your product is safe and effective.

Perfect Plant is here to Help

Whether you’re buying our product from an ally like Consider It Flowers or directly from our webstore, we’re here to help. Our products have undergone rigorous testing at all stages of production to ensure the best effect and quality

In addition to our online presence, we also have two locations in Germantown and off of White Bridge Pike in Nashville, Tennessee. Stop by to chat with one of our cannabis experts about what product is right for you.