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By J Gordon Curtis

There are a few different things that can disqualify an individual from donating blood or Plasma. Plasma is one of the few ways that almost anyone can earn a few extra bucks and do good in the meantime. If you’ve found this article, you might be asking yourself: can I donate plasma if I smoke weed?

The short answer is: yes! As long as you are of a sound mind and able to make the decision to donate your plasma, nothing is restricting you from doing so simply because you have smoked weed.

If you still have questions about this topic, we’ve put together a helpful guide to better understand the ins and outs of THC and your bloodstream. 

How Long is THC Detectable in Blood?

When it comes to testing for THC, blood tests are typically not the route people tend to go. That’s because any THC a user may consume will have largely left the bloodstream within 3-4 hours.

That is why tests normally focus on urine. After going through your bloodstream, cannabinoids tend to settle into fatty tissue. When you urinate, these metabolites leave your system over the course of days, weeks, or even months.

What is Donating Plasma?

Donating plasma is like donating blood but with more of a time commitment. Donors can expect a similar-sized needle but, since facilities must draw it in intervals, it can take up to 1-2 hours. 

In addition to the added time for donation, the collection is only the first step. After collecting a sample of your “whole blood,” it undergoes a process of separation. Only after separating the plasma from the rest of the platelets is the process complete.

Does Smoking Weed Make You Ineligible to Donate Plasma?

No. Smoking weed does not disqualify you from donating plasma. 

Facilities will still happily collect your plasma if you are a consumer of THC products. 

FAQ About Smoking Weed and Donating Blood or Plasma

Below are some of the common questions people ask when it comes to donating blood or plasma when consuming weed. 

Can You Smoke Weed and Donate Blood?

Yes. Blood donation centers, like plasma donation centers, do not discriminate based on cannabis usage.

While there are several reasons why a person might not be eligible to donate, cannabis use is not one of them. 

Can You Donate Blood if you’ve Recently Used Delta 8 THC?

Yes. Whether it’s been delta-8, -9, or any other form of THC, you can still donate blood if you’ve recently consumed it. 

Does Consuming High Levels of THC Disqualify Me From Donating Blood?

There is currently no amount of weed that you could smoke to cause the Red Cross to not want your donation.  Even if you’re a regular user of highly-concentrated THC, your blood donation is welcome by the Red Cross.

Do I Have to wait Before Donating Blood After Smoking Weed?

No. Weed leaves the bloodstream within 3-4 hours but there’s no need to wait a specific amount of time before donating your blood after consuming cannabis. 

Can My Blood Make the Recipient Fail a Drug Test?

Donating blood after consuming THC will not cause the recipient of that blood to fail a drug test. There is currently no reason to assume that there is any consequence of donating blood after consuming cannabis whatsoever. 

Will the Red Cross Report My Cannabis Use?

No. The Red Cross is a government entity but they are not affiliated to or tied down with the DEA or any other legislative body.

What Disqualifies Someone From Donating Plasma?

While the use of cannabis won’t disqualify you from donating plasma, there are a few different factors that could. The most common reasons for excluding people from being able to donate plasma include:

  • Medical Disqualification – This could be a current illness or chronic conditions such as hepatitis and HIV. 
  • Current Medications – Some medications or medical procedures can restrict a person’s ability to donate. 
  • Iron Deficiency – Low levels of hemoglobin or iron may restrict your ability to donate blood. However, depending on the severity of the condition, you may still be able to donate plasma since it doesn’t rely on blood cells. 
  • Travel – If you’ve recently traveled to restricted areas of the world, you may not be able to donate. The Red Cross typically restricts areas that have endemic diseases such as Ebola.
  • Tattoos and Piercings – Expect to wait at least 6 months from your latest tattoo before you can donate blood or plasma. Piercings require just 24 hours between the procedure and the donation but this does not apply to plasma.

  • How Much Will I get Paid for Donating Plasma?

    In consideration of the time and effort that goes into donating plasma, most places offer between $20 and $50 per donation. Additionally, depending on the time of year, there may be bonuses for first-time donors.