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This is a call for action.

We can win this battle. It’ll only take 5-10 min. of your time. Cannabis is under attack in Tennessee. Our state is one of the industry leaders and pioneers in hemp so if this happens to our state it can certainly happen in others. We must set a precedent. Even if you don’t live in TN this still affects you and you can also take action!

Currently, new rules will go into place on July 1st that will make selling/consuming any smokable hemp product CBD or THC illegal. Now why should we stop this from happening? Because prohibition is absurd, people benefit from and want access to all forms of cannabis, and this would obliterate the industry - costing thousands of jobs and millions in tax revenue for the state.

It will also make our newly formed regulatory infrastructure obsolete, and turn people back to the black market which has zero regulation for consumer safety. Out of 50 states marijuana is legal in 38 and hemp is federally legal in all 50.

The debate is over yet, most of our political leaders are dragging their feet on this issue while others are even digging their heels in to prevent an all-out end of prohibition. Many people have become so numb to this fight because despite cannabis being a scheduled substance and not fully legal - it's so widely available we forget prohibition is still alive and kicking.

Law enforcement has bigger problems on their hands, the taxes from the industry have enormous potential for any state economy, and most importantly people benefit from these products that are under threat in a multitude of ways. Imagine TN reverting to a state where smoking a joint of CBD or THCA flower will get you arrested!

Do not be pacified and allow them to make a form of cannabis that is now legal, and illegal yet again. Do you want your government dictating what varieties of plants you can put in your body?

It’s is time to take action, and here is how:

Send personal testimonies of how hemp has benefited you or your loved ones, how it has benefited the state, and how this new law is unjust.

1. We have templates ready to go for you to fill out and email over to the Tennessee Dept. of Ag contacts in the next section: TN Dept. of Ag Comment Templates - Google Docs

2. Email or call the Tennessee Dept. of Ag and let them know what this plant has done for you, and why it’s important to keep it safe and legal in Tennessee:
Charlie Hatcher, Commissioner

(615) 837-5100 |

Jeff Aiken, Deputy Commissioner

(615) 837-5103 |

Carol Coley McDonald, Assistant Commissioner for Policy and Legislation

(615) 837-5172 |

Danny Sutton, Assistant Commissioner for Consumer and Industry Services

(615) 837-5534 |

Jay Miller, General Counsel

(615) 837-5341 |

3. Find your local legislators here and use the template in the next section to encourage them to speak up for their constituents to the TDA: Find My Legislator - TN General Assembly

4. Use this template to let your legislators know this is not a bill Tennesseans want. More personal testimony here will be helpful too: TN Legislator Comment Template - Google Docs

5. If you would like to donate to the cause, you can do so through Cultivate TN here: Save Hemp In Tennessee — CULTIVATE TENNESSEE

This fight isn’t over til it’s over, but we need all the help we can get to change these prohibition bills in Tennessee.

*keep in mind we are trying to work with the lawmakers on this bill- your kindness towards them is appreciated!