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By J Gordon Curtis

If you’ve ever been in our shop, you’ve likely seen an issue or two of Broccoli Magazine. This cannabis publication is taking the cannabis community by storm and offering unique perspectives on all issues related to hemp and marijuana.

Still, it’s possible that you haven’t seen or heard of this publication and we want to make sure to rectify that. That’s why we’re going to talk more about the brand, what it has to offer, and the different items we’ve got available in our store from them. 

What is Broccoli Magazine?

Broccoli Magazine is a fresh, innovative take on a cannabis culture magazine. In any given magazine, readers can expect to encounter pieces on ancient or indigenous drug use, current cannabis leaders, art based on cannabis, and more. 

There is no telling what each magazine will be about aside from the fact that cannabis will be at the center. The magazine comes out monthly and they still find the time to work on several other projects in the meantime. 

The independent, women-led magazine started in 2017 and found its audience quickly. Many started to notice right away that there was something different about the publication.

What Makes Broccoli Mag Stand Out?

Broccoli is an interesting magazine because they don’t focus purely on the topic of cannabis. Rather, they seem to ask the question “what do cannabis consumers want to read about?”

The unique voice of the magazine has found its home as being unlike any other option on the market today. At a certain point, the motive for the brand seems to have shifted and grown.

Moving outside of magazines and into apparel, stationary, coffee table books, blankets, and more, Broccoli has established itself as a brand for all things cannabis. 

Some of the Broccoli Products We Love:

Broccoli is constantly innovating and coming up with new and exciting products. Let's review some of the options that are our favorites:

Psychedelic Postcards

We’ve had amazing postcards from Broccoli available in our shops for some time. Each one features a different floral design with cannabis to remind the viewer of the beauty of the plant.

The magazine frequently runs photo series from artists in their issue and they convert many of those over to these postcards. The result is a stunning piece of stationary that makes for a delightful gift for any lover of cannabis. 

Mushroom People Water Bottle

This delightful wide-mouth water bottle is a companion to a special edition of the magazine that focused on fungi. The website claims that the “vessel keeps mushroom-hunters hydrated while out searching for chanterelles, and is an essential part of any trip kit.”

These bottles are from the sustainable series of Nalgene bottles which use 50% recycled plastic. It’s purple with neon green and dishwasher safe.


Aside from the phenomenal journalistic work of the magazine, the team at Broccoli also frequently puts out coffee-table-style books. While they’re sure to do many more, the ones they’ve currently got out include:

  • Snail World — a delightful photo book that involves various scenes of snails posed in different settings. 
  • A Weed is a Flower — Take the photos of cannabis you’re used to in place them in a new, fantastical setting. This book features a large number of photos of cannabis plants displayed intricately with other flowers. 
  • Once Upon a High Time14 brilliantly illustrated and narrated weed-based fairy tales for adults. It’s truly hard to try and think of anything else that exists quite like this. 

  • These books work together with the magazine towards a common goal of ending the stigma on cannabis and reframing the mindset of the public around it. 


    The free newsletter by Broccoli is an essential subscription for anyone interested in cannabis. The weekly email offers a “special collection of curious links, beautiful art, and thematic musings for your reading pleasure.”

    This is one of the best newsletters in cannabis right now and it’s completely free so you have no reason to not sign up.

    Where to Find Broccoli Magazine Products

    We’ve always got a collection of products from Broccoli in both of our physical locations. Stop by anytime and ask one of our cannabis experts behind the counter about the options we have available on that current day.

    The offerings are always evolving and changing with Broccoli so it may vary from day to day. Meaning, if you see something that piques your interest, don’t hesitate to snatch it up!

    We also offer some issues of broccoli mag on our website and continue to add them as we get them in. Other products are available on the website for Broccoli Mag which is also where you can sign up for their newsletter and support them further.

    Let’s work together in lifting up brands that promote the values of the planet.