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By J Gordon Curtis

If you’ve spent time in one of our shops or perusing our products, you’re likely aware that we’re about more than just cannabis. We believe that the full bounty of nature is something to celebrate and that extends far beyond any single plant. Adaptogens are yet another way nature shows us that the Future is Fertile.

Let’s take some time to look at adaptogens, what they do for the body, and why Anima Mundi is the best in the game.

What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens have earned their name through their ability to “adapt” to the needs of the consumer. Unlike cannabis which only grows in potency the more you take it, adaptogens have the goal of homeostasis

This is the term for “balance” within the body and it’s the main function that these natural compounds seem to offer. Whereas cannabis is the “gas pedal” propelling effects forward, adaptogenic herbs are more like “cruise control.”’

What is Anima Mundi?

Anima Mundi is a New York-based apothecary company that focuses on high standards for traditional remedies. Offering certified organic plants and herbs without fillers and binders makes Anima Mundi one of the best products on the market.

We’ve worked with Anima Mundi pretty much since we opened our doors and each product has been pure, potent, and phenomenal. The mission of the company is to “bridge ancient remedies to the modern world” according to their website

Anima Mundi Meaning

Anima Mundi is the belief that there is an intrinsic connection between all things. The Latin phrase translates to “world soul” and has a basis in several belief systems. 

This interconnectedness is more apparent in our relationship with plants than almost anywhere else. We can smoke an herb to relax or drink a bean to stimulate our senses and adaptogenic herbs have a traditional role just as important as cannabis or coffee does to us now. 

Anima Mundi Products:

Anima Mundi offers adaptogens in a variety of products. Some of the options that we offer in our shop include:

Anima Mundi Elixirs

We sell these in 2- and 4-oz varieties and they work wonderfully on their own or are mixed into a drink. While there are many different options, we recommend starting with the Lucid Dreaming Elixir

Containing ashwagandha root, kava kava, passionflower, blue lotus, rose petals, and more, this is a dynamite elixir for finding balance in the sleeping world. Not only does it help promote deeper sleep, but it’s also said to be useful for lucid dreaming and exploring the realms of your subconscious mind. 

Anima Mundi Tonics

Tonics are a concentrated liquid form of adaptogens in dropper bottles. Whether you’re mixing it in a drink or taking it directly, tonics are an excellent way to get large amounts of useful adaptogenic elements.

Looking for a good way to start with adaptogenic tonics? Check out the Energeia tonic and see how it compares to (or enhances) your morning cup of coffee. 

Made with guarana seeds, green coffee, suma root, and more, this tonic is a great way to wake up and stay alert throughout the day. 

Anima Mundi Powders

Powders like the Adaptogenic Brain Powder offer the raw powder form of the ingredients you’re looking to benefit from. In the Brain Powder, lions mane, ginkgo extract powder, and got kola extract powder can bolster your day and support healthy brain function

Powders require just 1tsp at a time in a beverage of your choice.

Can you Mix Adaptogens with Cannabis?

Absolutely! Cannabis is a plant that plays well with — and is occasionally enhanced by — others. If smokables are your thing, try mixing in a little of the Crown Chakra Botanical Smoke blend. 

Since the total effect of cannabis comes from the co-mingling of hundreds of components already, it only makes sense that adding in more can have beneficial effects. 

Where to Find Anima Mundi Products

As we’ve stated above, Anima Mundi products have been on our shelves for about as long as we’ve had shelves. We’ve always had a healthy supply of their products in both of our shops and online

In addition to the products listed above, we’re also proud to offer books, incense, and other fantastic products by them. Each of these has a common goal of promoting the power of plants and the interconnectedness of all living things.

Whether you’re using cannabis, adaptogens, or both, partaking in the joy of nature is one of the core experiences of humanity. We do it through our food — or, given our love for coffee and beer, more often our beverages — every day.

Adaptogens and other traditional herbs have undergone a renaissance recently as the public largely comes to the understanding that they have real benefits. Despite years of misinformation and discrediting campaigns, it seems as though we’re finally moving back toward a place of reason.