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With the election cycle ramping up, the looming threat of WW3, and the brood of cicadas set to unleash on middle TN, we feel it's a great time for a positive update from the Perfect Plant team! Where to start?

Well we have some exciting news, we are moving our store in Germantown to East Nashville on Main St. and we can't wait to see you all in our new beautiful space! We are sad to leave our beloved Germantown neighborhood but change is good and this move will allow us to do more for the city than before! Starting in June is our East Nashville take over. Stay tuned. More details TBA.

Now who wants some good news concerning THCA in TN, federal legalization, and the future of cannabis (both hemp & marijuana)?

As for THCA here in TN and the proposed rules from the Department of Agriculture for a total THC testing standard to be the method for testing ALL hemp products, which would render almost ALL flower and vape illegal, the July 1st enforcement date is no longer a thing. There is currently no said date as to when the proposed rules will go into effect. This is most likely due to the overwhelming opposition to the proposed rules, and hopefully some reconsideration from the powers that be. As of now we continue to stay very hopeful that things will keep moving in the right direction.

With that said, on a federal level, we have had the updated Farm Bill (that is to be passed this year) looming as a potential threat to the hemp industry. In March, 21 state attorney generals urged congress to do something about “intoxicating hemp products”. Attorney generals like ours here in TN. So the real question is: who is encouraging these attorney generals to make this plea to congress? It's not Tennesseans. We know the people are in full support of hemp as it is currently available. As a company focused on being the best, we welcome regulations that protect the consumer, but not regulations that stop our ability to provide people with what they want and need. The good news is congress gave us all a sneak peak at the proposed updates for the 2024 Farm Bill and it's looking good for hemp! Nothing is set in stone until it's made official and we still don't know the exact timeline, but positive nonetheless.

In other federal news, after decades and decades there is real push to reclassify marijuana from a Schedule 1 to a Schedule 3 substance. Essentially this acknowledges marijuana does not belong in the most dangerous class of drugs and it actually has medical benefits. As for the future of cannabis, this change will mean the ability to research cannabis will open up in a major way, our friends in the marijuana business can finally write off business expenses (like any normal company does) on their federal income tax returns, and we will be one step closer to ending prohibition once and for all. The clock is ticking.

Sometimes we just laugh at the absurdity of it all. We live in a country where cannabis is essentially legal federally via hemp, and then marijuana is legal in over half the country on a state level yet still illegal federally, cocaine and heroin are decriminalized in Oregon, while smoking CBD flower is illegal in New Orleans, psychedelic mushrooms are legal in Colorado, and ketamine is widely available for therapeutic use, all while big pharma makes billions profiting from opioids and ADD medications and black market fentanyl overdoses increase year over year … peak absurdity. When will we end the disaster known as “The War on Drugs”? We love to envision the day when we can describe these strange times to our children and grandchildren. For now, we are grateful for some steps in the right direction. Peace & Love. Power to the people!

- Perfect Plant “Attorney General”