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Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

By J Gordon Curtis

As Delta 8 has been picking up in popularity, more skepticism on its legitimacy and legality has also been popping up online. Having already done our own article on the dangers of Delta 8 as well as the way that it is made, we wanted to take a moment to chime in on the issue. The fact of the matter is, there is some bad delta 8 out there. 

Unregulated markets, by nature, lack quality control, opening up the possibility of companies to take advantage of the popularity and chase profits over quality. Due to this, there is absolutely some delta 8 that should be avoided on the market currently. 

We have talked about this before but we sifted through suppliers for months into the Delta 8 craze before we decided upon one with adequate enough reporting for us to feel comfortable with it on our shelves. Yet criminalizing the substance only goes to further the racist agenda of the war on drugs, setting the legalization movement back. Plus, it ignores that Delta 8 has been far more than a party drug.

I know at least two people that have gone from being daily smokers of an illegal substance to living fully within the law. Additionally, I’ve seen people enter our shops with cancer and other painful issues and literally almost jump for joy when they discover they have an option here for THC. I also see a ton of people that are simply looking for a head change–something that is normally acceptable as long as it’s with alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine–and they’re thrilled to see a legal alternative.

The government has taken steps towards the criminalization of Delta 8 THC as well. Despite the fact that less than 10% of Americans believe the plant should be prohibited entirely. If governments are supposed to be representative of the people they preside over, what possible case does the DEA have for involving itself in any form of THC?

As proponents of a plant we claim to bring healing and unity, we must make sure to not divide ourselves due to profits or misconceived notions. Obviously, we all want the whole plant to be legal but we must not say that Delta 8 falls short of total legalization and is, therefore, bad. 

In fact, for many, Delta 8 has been an absolute godsend. To pull that away from them because of a lack of regulation or understanding is literally the same thing that the government did with the war on drugs. We must be better than that.