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By J Gordon Curtis

Nashville is a beautiful city with so much to offer. Visiting can feel overwhelming at times because of how many options there are for things to do.

With that in mind, here are our top 10 things to do in Nashville, Tennessee:

#1 Visit a Dispensary

The cannabis community is booming in Nashville. While marijuana is still illegal, the exciting world of hemp has grown to offer THC, CBD, and a myriad of other cannabinoid options. While there’s a lot of cool stuff do to in Nashville, they’re all going to be a lot more fun if you go here first.

Check out Perfect Plant Hemp Co at 300 White Bridge Pike or 1333 7th Ave and let one of our cannabis experts go over all the options available to you. We offer Delta-8, Delta-9, CBD, and many other options. 

Go to an Art Museum

Our main museum, the Frist, offers rotating exhibits as well as more permanent installations. This makes it an exciting place to revisit as the art continues to shift and change.

In addition to this main museum, there are many other smaller options available throughout the city. Our local artists love to organize events throughout town where many of them can get together and showcase their craft.

Visit Downtown

The main tourist attraction of the city, Downtown is required viewing for anyone coming to visit. Brightly lit and bursting with music, this area is one of the main draws of our town. Expect to see party barges, bridesmaid parties, and plenty of country music down here.

Grab a drink, sing some karaoke, or just dance the night away with your friends. If you want to see downtown but you want a more low-key experience, try checking it out during the day (don’t worry, there’s still going to be plenty of partying going on.)

Catch a Live Show

While downtown is the home spot for country music, Nashville is about all genres of music. If you’re interested in catching your favorite artist, chances are great that they will be coming through town at one point or another.

While we have our main venues for these types of events, there are also small bars and locations all throughout the city that host music. Often, they do so with no cover charge or for low-priced entry. Whether you’re interested in rock, punk, country, folk, or any other type of music, it’s playing tonight somewhere in Nashville.

Eat Cannabis-Infused Food at Buds and Brews

Nashville’s first cannabis-infused restaurant is now open near our Germantown location. With infused dipping sauces and a delicious menu of food, Buds and Brews is an exciting part of Nashville’s cannabis culture.

They also offer infused mocktails that replace alcohol with cannabis. 

Catch a Classic Movie

Nashville’s Belcourt Theater is a pillar of the city. Specializing in artistic, vintage, and classic movies, Belcourt is different from other theaters you’ve been to.

In addition to screening some of the best movies to ever be released, there is also a full bar and snack area. Belcourt offers a membership option that provides priority and reduced pricing for their more popular movies. 

Cult classic showings like The Room and other experiences will be here. Don’t overlook this Nashville gem.

Lounge in the Park

There are over 120 parks and greenways that make up the Nashville area. Spend time outside with your fellow humans, taking in the sunshine with some of these parks:

  • Centennial Park – One of the most popular parks, this one is just two miles from downtown and takes over 132 acres of land. Walking trails, gardens, and even a full-scale replica of the Parthenon make this park incredible.
  • Sevier Park – This park is a tranquil place to lay a blanket out and spend the afternoon. Characterized by having a large, open lawn, Sevier Park is a great location for anyone that wants to spend the day taking in the sun.
  • Radnor Lake – This hiking spot will make you forget that you’re in a busy city. With short and long hiking trails that wrap around the beautiful lake, this spot is a favorite for locals who are looking to get away.
  • Love Circle (scenic overlook) – After parking your car, make your way up the stairs to the top of the hill. It’s a steep climb but, at the end of it, you’ll receive one of the best views of the city available. Spread out a blanket and take the city in from above (and keep your eye out for proposals as this is a common place for them!

And that’s just the beginning. There are parks located all throughout the city and each one offers its unique flair.

Self-Tour on Scooters

The prominence of electric scooters has opened up new avenues for tourists. For low rates per hour, you can rent these electric scooters and treat yourself to your own tour around town.

Scooters from brands like Bird and Uber are throughout the city and are easy to access, start, and ride. Make your way around the city, stopping as you see fit, and avoid paying high rates for uninspired tours.

Many areas in Nashville have commemorative plaques that detail historical events already so it’s easy to learn a lot on your own!

Visit the Opry (Especially Around Christmas)

The Grand Ole Opry offers top-tier country music events and has been doing so for decades. Though it’s since moved from its original location, where it’s currently at is better in many ways. In addition to the shopping area around it, the hotel is free to enter and fantastic to see.

The Gaylord Opryland Hotel has a massive lobby that is a site to behold. With an indoor running river and beautiful decor, this is exciting to see at any time – though they especially go all-out for Christmas.

Go Shopping

Have a shopping day at one of our many malls. The Opryland hotel is one of the biggest but you’re also nearby the Galleria at Cool Springs, Green Hills Mall, and countess shops in between.