Zkittlez (THCa)

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Zkittlez THCa Flower

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THCa: 15.51%

As the name suggests, the smoke from this strain leaves a sweet, fruity flavor on the tongue. Rich in caryophyllene and linalool, the smell that hits you when the jar opens is phenomenal.

What is THCA Flower?

THCA is the acidic form of THC and is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid. While there is potential for many other benefits from THCA, it doesn't become intoxicating until it undergoes a process of decarboxylation.

In this case, decarboxylation comes from the introduction of heat. That's why you can't get high from eating marijuana but you can from smoking it -- the heat from the flame converts the THCA into THC.

Will I Get High From THCA Flower?

You will not get high from merely consuming THCA. However, if you introduce it to heat, it becomes THC and is intoxicating at that point.

This strain in particular is Indica-leaning which means it's more tiring than energizing.

Consume responsibly and do not operate heavy machinery or drive vehicles while under the influence of THC.

What Is THCa & Does THCa Get You High?

What is the difference between THC and THCa?

Federally legal 2018 Farm Bill compliant hemp. Product contains 0.3% THC delta 9 by volume.

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