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Legalize It x Last Prisoner Project Shirt

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With each purchase, we donate 100% of the profits to the Last Prisoner Project. This organization is working to get people with cannabis convictions out of prison, We plan to keep printing the 'Legalize It' shirts ad infinitum, until no one is behind bars for cannabis.

The goal is to raise our collective voices and generate as much money as possible to create real change. There are 40,000 people behind bars for a plant, that the majority of our country has deemed legal in all forms. This is a moral fight, not political. We have been long time freedom fighters & activists for the cannabis plant. Both hemp and marijuana are cannabis, and no matter your preference we’ve always believed it’s criminal to lock people up for using this plant.

Last year we released our "Legalize It *and pardon all non violent convictions” t-shirt to help bring attention to this injustice. This year, we asked ourselves how we can make a greater impact? After researching and communicating with various non profits we got in contact with one of the founders of TheLastPrisonerProject. We are committed to remaining allies with their mission until this battle is won!

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