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These packs come with five (5) high CBD (21%) pre-rolls as well as a beautiful collectors box designed by Aaron Martin, that features the story of three pioneering friends, as well as a chance to win free tickets to Deep Tropics 2021.

At the turn of the century, In the mountains of North Carolina, three friends met for the first time. Two decades later, after exploring the great unknown . . . from swimming with pink dolphins in Peru, psychedelic adventures in Mexico, surviving a high speed car crash on the Autobahn, and throwing riverboat masquerades . . . to countless adventures like art shows, farming projects, and nearly 1000 entertainment events . . . we have combined forces yet again, to bring you these pre rolls and a little piece of mind. Enjoy.

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Deep Tropics is a music, art & style festival in Nashville, TN co-founded by twin brothers Blake & Joel Atchison. In the wake of public health concerns, Deep Tropics 2020 was postponed like other live events around the globe. The twins’ best friend, Jackson Campbell is the founder of Perfect Plant™ The companions and fellow small-business owners sought a creative means in which to aid each other’s companies and their supporters. After much reflection the 3 friends, and their respective teams, co-created a unique product that shares their story, while offering some peace of mind.

We have stashed ten “golden tickets” throughout the inventory that offers the winners a complimentary “Tropical Traveller PLUS” experience” at Deep Tropics August 27-28, 2021.

We produced 1000 Limited Edition Premium CBD Pre-Roll packs that feature the “Carolina” strain of hemp flower grown by Tennessee farmer Volunteer Hemp, who won the 2019 Southern Champions Cup.  It just so happens that the founders of Deep Tropics and Perfect Plant have been dear friends upon meeting in the mountains of North Carolina over 18 years ago. Just like the festival, these pre-rolls are meant to inspire magical moments. They are based around tales of friendship, adventure and transformation. Share one with a friend, create great stories to tell your children, & live life to the fullest.