Sativa Dominant
21.2%% Total Cannabinoids
Profile: N/A
Terpenes:  N/A
Environment: Grown organically Indoors in Tennessee
Slow-cured & Hand-trimmed



The Experience

Boax is the end result of the union between the popular indica strain, Hindu Kush, and the iconic Otto II. The former, named after the 500 mile stretch of mountain range between Afghanistan and Pakistan, expresses a thick, earthy, sandalwood flavor that calms the body and relaxes the senses. The Otto II – also known as the One to One – is well-known for its 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, giving it distinct effects that envelope both mind and body for an elevated mood and restful relaxation.
On your first drag, the overpowering taste of wood and earth will swirl around your mouth, taking over your taste buds and tickling your throat. As you exhale, subtle notes of lemon and citrus fruit start to jab at your tongue, adding dimension and depth to the one-note flavor profile that the strain starts off with.


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